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SwiftStack Joins NVIDIA Partner Network

July 16. 2019

Autonomous Vehicles, Healthcare and Telecom Use Cases Span Large-scale Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Data Pipelines from Edge to Core to Cloud

SwiftStack announces Data Analytics solution with 10x performance and massive scale

June 11. 2019

SwiftStack, the leader in multi-cloud data storage and management, today announced a new solution for big data analytics and machine learning for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

SwiftStack adds a disk object-based AI reference architecture

March 26. 2019

SwiftStack's reference architecture for AI and machine learning bundles Nvidia servers for compute and disk-based Cisco or Dell EMC servers to scale object storage.

SwiftStack: Multi-Cloud Artificial Intelligence/Machine and Deep Learning Data Management Solution

March 26. 2019

SwiftStack, Inc. announced a customer-proven edge-to-core-to-cloud solution that supports large-scale Artificial Intelligence/Machine and Deep Learning (AI/ML/DL) workflows.

VMblog's Expert Interviews: SwiftStack Talks Multi-Cloud Data Management, Cisco Partnership, Machine Learning and More

August 03. 2018

Businesses are modernizing - gathering more data, and building new applications that are cloud-native, while looking to leverage data both on-premises and in public clouds. They are starting to invest in or considering machine...

Making Multi-Cloud a Reality – SwiftStack Briefing Note

July 11. 2018

Once an organization migrates data to and reaps the benefits of using the cloud, they often want more. Multi-cloud is the number one request of organizations initiating or expanding their cloud presence. These organizations want...

If you store your data, I tell you I'm your man: You flash some, lose some, all arrays to me

June 25. 2018

If we've played our cards right, you'll be up to date on the storage goings-on of the week. Otherwise you'll be lost in the shuffle. Here's a hand full of aces, kings and queens – and don't forget the joker.

SwiftStack 1space facilitates multi-cloud capabilities

June 21. 2018

SwiftStack launches single namespace for its object and file storage to ease data access, migration, management and search across private and public clouds.

SwiftStack Announce 1space

June 19. 2018

SwiftStack recently announced 1space, and I was lucky enough to snaffle some time with Joe Arnold to talk more about what it all means. I thought it would be useful to do a brief post, as I really do like SwiftStack, and I feel...

SwiftStack launches 1space to unlock new multi-cloud use cases

June 19. 2018

1space is also a new open source project, and is joined as new SwiftStack open source endeavours by MetaSync, which like 1space, also brings new multi-cloud technologies to the open source community.

SwiftStack Helps Businesses Keep Their Data Managed Safely in Cloud Storage

June 12. 2018

The days of on-site data management are long gone, as businesses continue to grow and expand, along with their needs for data storage. Cloud storage has been the most used alternative, with a growing number of businesses turning...

A Multi-cloud Strategy Provides More Options & Headaches

April 10. 2018

The days of the cloud as a single, homogenous entity are long gone. Going forward, you'll likely have a multi-cloud storage strategy and work with multiple service providers.

Industry Watch: Managing data across multiple clouds

March 05. 2018

Microservices and containers have created a world of interoperable cloud-based services that can be moved seamlessly from one platform to another with minimal change. An area that has lagged, however, is providing data that can...

The 20 Coolest Cloud Storage Vendors Of The 2018 Cloud 100

February 09. 2018

SwiftStack offers hybrid cloud storage software for customers that require universal access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace. Media and entertainment companies, life sciences companies and web-based...

Multicloud storage mitigates risk of public cloud lock-in

February 09. 2018

Multicloud storage strategy allows for the shifting of data across public clouds so you can avoid lock-in to a single provider, reduce cost and improve workload efficiency.

Article Search: Follow SwiftStack 2018 Predictions: Cloud Storage in 2018 - Predictions for a New Era in the Information Age

January 26. 2018

Cloud Storage in 2018 - Predictions for a New Era in the Information Age If anyone needs a reminder as to disruption in how vendors serve IT organizations, look no further than these two statements of fact:

Multi-Cloud Data Management with SwiftStack

January 25. 2018

The Beginning of SwiftStack and its Eureka Moment. Bay area based SwiftStack which began operations in 2011, is a major player in the hybrid cloud storage space for enterprise level companies. The company was the vision of...

A 3 Step Cloud Storage Strategy

January 09. 2018

The desired final step of a cloud strategy is to use the services available in the cloud to the fullest extent possible. The problem is for most organizations the first step, leveraging the cloud for backup or archive, which...

SwiftStack 6 With Universal Access for Classic and Cloud-Native Applications to Single Namespace

December 14. 2017

By SwiftStack, Inc. announced the availability of Universal Access for classic and cloud-native applications in SwiftStack 6.

SwiftStack 6.0 - Universal Access and More

December 12. 2017

By Dan Frith: I haven’t covered SwiftStack in a little while, and they’ve been doing some pretty interesting stuff ... I was lucky enough to snaffle 30 minutes with Mario Blandini and he kindly took me through the...

SwiftStack Object Storage Integrates File Protocol Support

December 08. 2017

By Carol Sliwa: SearchStorage.TechTarget.cim New SwiftStack 6.0 storage software supports Universal Access to data with added support for SMB/NFS file protocols to go with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift object APIs.

High-Performance Cloud Integrated Object Storage

November 22. 2017

Some storage architects have been looking at object storage as the unstructured data heir apparent to legacy network attached storage (NAS). Object storage is cost-effective, scales well and has rich capabilities for data...

Southeast Alum Excels as Entrepreneur, Co-Founds Silicon Valley Company

November 15. 2017

Anders Tjernlund, a successful entrepreneur and Silicon Valley venture-funded company co-founder who began his journey in marketing courses at Southeast Missouri State University, will return to campus to share his career...

SwiftStack objects to object storage label

November 03. 2017

SwiftStack’s leadership team appreciated being selected a visionary in Gartner’s recent Magic Quadrant for distributed file systems and object storage. The vendor even put out a press release celebrating Gartner’s inclusion of...

Tailored SwiftStack Update Should Help Get Your GDPRse in Gear

October 31. 2017

By Chris Mellor: The Register If a region goes down or an application has to be moved, data is automatically accessed on nodes in another region without requiring any changes.

SwiftStack Looks to Future with Expanded Multi-Cloud Data Management Capabilities

October 31. 2017

By Mark Cox: SwiftStack adds some significant capabilities around public cloud archiving, synchronization, and multi-region clusters – and indicates that much bigger news will be coming in a month.

How to Move a Petabyte of Data to the Cloud in Four Steps

August 22. 2017

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly using public cloud infrastructure, but those with hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of data find the shift to cloud more complex, disruptive, and inflexible than it is presumed. The...

4 strategies that make moving to the cloud less beastly

July 27. 2017

You will go to the cloud...but it’s not as easy as you think. Whether for functional need, budgetary alignment, or due to top-down pressure, all universities will move to the public cloud at some level. If an organization has...

How this hybrid cloud storage provider landed clients like Disney and Dreamworks

June 22. 2017

Swiftstack was formed in the early days of public cloud computing when tech giants like Amazon and Google were getting into the fray. The San Francisco company saw a market opportunity in creating storage products for private...

Bridging the Streaming Video Storage Gap

May 22. 2017

How Pac-12’s expansion to cloud-based storage allowed even more streams and stores cost-effectively. $70.05 billion: That’s the projected value of the global video streaming market in 2021, according to the market research firm...

What Storage Product Should You Use in the Cisco UCS Storage Server?

May 18. 2017

Customers of Cisco’s UCS 3260 Storage Server can run any software defined storage product that is available as a software-only product. The question is how does one pick among-st the many that are available? Understanding the...

How to Enable the Cloud to Master Physics – SwiftStack Briefing Note

March 10. 2017

The problem with the public cloud has always been physics. We like the idea of being able to access our data anytime anywhere, but the reality often falls short. It takes a lot of horsepower to get data from point A to point B –...

Can Google Cloud’s Use-case Services Win Customers from AWS and Others?

March 09. 2017

Cloud providers that have tried to best Amazon Web Services at their own game have not met with success. To avoid winding up scrap metal in the AWS derby, Google is taking a detour; by offering enterprises services honed for...

SwiftStack Cosies Up To Google, Goes Multi-Cloud

March 09. 2017

SwiftStack have announced a collaboration with Google Cloud Platform to take its object storage system into the multi-cloud world. Storage vendors tend to take one of two approaches to cloud. One is to run their software on cloud...

SwiftStack object storage gets two-way Cloud Sync

March 07. 2017

SwiftStack 5 object storage software upgrade enables two-way data synchronization between on-site private cloud storage and public cloud storage from Google and Amazon.

SwiftStack drops v5.0, says hybrid IT rules OK!

March 07. 2017

Blasts data between on-prem and public cloud SwiftStack v5's Cloud Sync provides two-way replication between on-premises data centres and Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and Glacier. Open-source object storage SwiftStack software...

The Missing Links in Software-Defined Storage

January 24. 2017

In anthropology, the missing link is a hypothetical concept of an extinct creature that lies halfway in the evolutionary line between modern human beings and their ancestors. Applying that general idea to software-defined storage...

Storage the SwiftStack Way

December 19. 2016

Software has an insatiable appetite for today’s world. Serving as the straw stirring the drink, innovation is driving the software-defined and SaaSy reality of today and opportunity of tomorrow. Throw in the cloud, and the sky is...

SwiftStack public Cloud Sync starts with Amazon, Google

December 08. 2016

Object storage provider SwiftStack Inc. has added hybrid cloudsynchronization to its OpenStack-based software controller. SwiftStack Cloud Sync allows data or subsets of data to exist simultaneously behind a firewall and in...

Vizrt and SwiftStack: Private Cloud Storage Solution for Viz One

September 16. 2016

Enableing higher usage of media assetsThis is a Press Release edited by on 2016.09.16 Vizrt Ltd. and SwiftStack, Inc. announced a private cloud storage solution for Viz One that will enable a higher usage...

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate: Cisco to tailor SwiftStack for UCS object storage cramming

July 15. 2016

Cisco has decided to get into object storage with its UCS servers – and has done so with a SwiftStack reseller deal, avoiding object suppliers allied to its server competitors.

SwiftStack and Cisco Ink Deal to Deliver Object Storage in Cloud Solutions

July 15. 2016

This week at Cisco Live, SwiftStack announced it is partnering with Cisco to integrate SwiftStack 4.0 with Cisco Metapod. This partnership enables Cisco enterprise customers to build public cloud storage capabilities into their...

CRN Exclusive: SwiftStack CEO Talks New Cisco Storage Partnership, AWS And Why Channel Partners Should Be Pumped

July 15. 2016

SwiftStack is integrating its object storage technology with Cisco systems, which SwiftStack CEO Don Jaworski says will boost Cisco's storage play and help channel partners transition customers to the cloud.

SwiftStack & Cisco Enter Reseller Agreement

July 13. 2016

Today at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, SwiftStack announced that it has entered a reseller agreement with Cisco. The two companies state that this agreement will further enable the delivery of a turnkey enterprise cloud solution...

How's open source strategy combines Kubernetes and OpenStack

May 26. 2016

Scaling storage for more than 2 million users searching for their roots. Searching for the roots of your family tree? Some 2 million paying subscribers have uncovered their family history on, the largest for profit...

SwiftStack CPO: 'If you take a filesystem and bolt on an object API'... it's upside down

January 06. 2016

Joe Arnold on Ethernet accessed object drives and more Interview Open source OpenStack-focused, object storage startup SwiftStack has early involvement with Seagate's object storage-focussed Kinetic disk drives, the ones needing...

Pop Up Tech Talks Ep. 14: SwiftStack’s Mario Blandini

December 03. 2015

Welcome to this week's episode of PopUpTechTalks, the show by and for technologists. What's on your mind these days? Tell us and we'll help share your inner tech voice. In this week's episode, Swiftstack's VP of Marketing, Mario...

Object Storage Swiftly Storms The Datacenter

November 02. 2015

Timothy Prickett Morgan November 3, 2015 The hyperscale datacenter operators of the world take a certain kind of pride in breaking technologies and finding new and better ways to scale compute, networking, and storage. But as...

Object Storage Uptake Expands As SwiftStack Launches Ver. 3.0

October 26. 2015

Object storage is, at least conceptually, the perfect answer to many of the longstanding issues with data storage, such as the excessively long rebuild times experienced with high-capacity storage devices, parity overhead, and...

SwiftStack Enhances S3 API Support for Private Cloud Storage

October 25. 2015

When it comes to making the move to object storage these days, IT organizations are in a bit of a quandary. In theory at least, most of them would prefer to make use of industry standards such as OpenStack to access object...

SwiftStack addresses Active-Archive needs of Sports-Video professionals

July 20. 2015

The Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome SwiftStack as a corporate sponsor. The San Francisco-based company offers innovations that power object storage for enterprises. Built on OpenStack Swift, its solution offers a unique...

SwiftStack Founder Plots a Path Forward for Cloud Storage

July 13. 2015

In the beginning of the open source OpenStack cloud effort, there were two projects - Nova Compute and Swift Storage. Swift is an integrated part of most OpenStack distributions but it is also the focus for a standalone company...

Private cloud storage at public cloud prices: Ubuntu Advantage Storage

May 25. 2015

As for software-defined storage, Ubuntu Advantage Storage enables enterprises to deploy their storage services on commodity hardware clusters and route support calls to specialist providers, with Canonical as Level 1 support...

Pac-12 Networks Innovates Live Remote Sports With IP Production Model

March 11. 2015

"At-home" production is a modestly growing trend in the sports broadcasting industry, but no one does it as efficiently and effectively as Pac-12 Networks, a SwiftStack customer. Using a conference-wide IP network, P12N is able...

Independent analyst firm report on SwiftStack 2.0

February 16. 2015

THE 451 GROUP SwiftStack is simultaneously riding two growing waves in enterprise IT–OpenStack and object storage–and the company continues to make progress in winning some real business as a result ...

Tracking the Location and Movement of Clouds

February 16. 2015

CIO REVIEW Users today are doing most of their work on smaller systems and devices, so the applications on devices are smaller, while the heavier parts of the applications are getting larger.

Should traditional data centers start using OpenStack Swift and Cinder?

January 13. 2015

Techtarget If your firm's IT department has the skills set, OpenStack object or block storage might be a good idea, analyst George Crump said. When it comes to developing the supporting storage infrastructure, OpenStack only...

Pass the Mic User Spotlight: Doug Soltesz, Budd Van Lines

January 12. 2015

Openstack SuperUser Today, we sit down with Doug Soltesz the Vice President and CIO of Budd Van Lines, a national trucking company that moves over 6,000 families every year. Budd Van Lines is using OpenStack to backup its data...

SwiftStack Picks Up $16M for OpenStack-Based Storage

November 27. 2014

VENTUREWIRE SwiftStack Inc., which is commercializing part of the open-source cloud software OpenStack, raised another $16 million in funding. The Series B round was led by OpenView Venture Partners and takes total funding to $23...

Behind the Software Q&A with SwiftStack CEO Joe Arnold

November 11. 2014 It's becoming important for enterprises to adopt solutions that will effectively safeguard their files. That's why more companies are turning to software-defined storage models for safer and more affordable...

BMW and Time Warner Stand Up OpenStack Clouds

November 02. 2014

DATA CENTER KNOWLEDGE Two of the latest high-profile converts to the open source cloud architecture are BMW and Time Warner Cable. Both have recently stood up OpenStack clouds but went about it in very different ways ... The...

OpenStack welcomes you to the software-defined economy

November 02. 2014

ZDNET PARIS — In 2010, the OpenStack Summit in San Antonio, TX had 250 attendees. Fast forward and the 2014 OpenStack Summit has 4,600 registered members from 59 countries and hundreds of companies ranging from start-ups to...

A Maturing OpenStack Prepares To Take On New Challenges

November 02. 2014

TECHCRUNCH OpenStack, the fast-growing open source cloud computing platform that now has the backing of more than 200 companies, is holding its semiannual developer conference in Paris this week. With over 4,500 attendees, it’s...

What you missed in Big Data: collision continues for cloud and analytics

November 02. 2014

SILICONANGLE With data analytics requiring the ability to rapidly increase computing capacity in a cost-efficient manner and the cloud providing effectively infinite scalability with a low barrier to entry, the two megatrends...

5 Cloud Computing Funding Stories You Might Have Missed, Oct. 31

October 30. 2014

TALKIN' CLOUD Each week Talkin' Cloud compiles a list of cloud computing financing stories for readers who might have missed the news earlier in the week. This week's column features funding news from SwiftStack, GreenQloud,...

SwiftStack CEO: We make it easy to consume OpenStack object storage

October 29. 2014

TECHTARGET SwiftStack CEO Joe Arnold takes stock of the competitive landscape for his company's OpenStack-based object storage software and future product direction.

Is It A Commodity Bare Metal Storage World?

October 29. 2014

FORBES Many folks, particularly in the open source community, have been pushing for some time to move to commodity hardware with more sophisticated software to control that hardware rather than proprietary systems. This is true...

SwiftStack CEO: Enterprises are using our open source storage

October 27. 2014

TECHTARGET The San Francisco-based vendor sells a commercially supported version of open source OpenStack Object Storage, more commonly known by its project code name, Swift. SwiftStack tacks on a proprietary management system...

SwiftStack raises $16 million to mobilize OpenStack for unstructured data

October 27. 2014

SILICONANGLE OpenStack continues to draw interest from the venture capital community, with SwiftStack Inc. raising $16 million on Monday to make the cloud operating system more attractive for ingesting the vast amounts of...

SwiftStack Gets $16M to Make Open Source Software-Defined Storage Easy for Enterprises

October 27. 2014

DATA CENTER KNOWLEDGE SwiftStack wants to make open source storage software work really well on commodity hardware, says founder and CEO Joe Arnold, whose OpenStack Swift-based software-defined storage company recently raised a $...

Software-Defined Storage Company SwiftStack Raises $16M

October 27. 2014

TALKIN' CLOUD SwiftStack is preparing to expand its marketing and sales efforts with a new round of venture capital funding. The San Francisco-based software-defined storage company has secured $16 million in Series B financing...

SwiftStack Bags $16 Million to Fund OpenStack Cloud Storage

October 27. 2014

DATAMATION As cloud computing gains adoption, so too does the need for storage. SwiftStack, one of the lead contributors to the open-source Swift OpenStack storage project, this week announced that it has raised a new Series B $...

Making cloud storage easy with OpenStack Swift

October 27. 2014

OPENSOURCE.COM When you want to learn about object storage in OpenStack, John Dickinson is the guy to ask. John is the Director of Technology at SwiftStack, a company which relies on the OpenStack Swift project to provide...

SwiftStack Raises $16M Series B To Advance Software Defined Storage

October 26. 2014

FORBES It's always handy in the technology industry to look at previous major industry shifts and apply those to adjacent areas. It is useful because it helps commentators to make predictions about how changes will impact on...

SwiftStack grabs $16M to help companies scale out storage across data centers

October 26. 2014

GIGAOM Software-defined storage startup SwiftStack took in a $16 million Series B investment round, which brings total funding to $23.6 million. Besides using some of the cash for sales and marketing, the company plans to improve...

OpenStack upstart SwiftStack slurps up $16m from backers

October 26. 2014

THE REGISTER Interview OpenStack-using startup SwiftStack has got itself $16m in B-round funding, raising the total cash invested amount to $23.6m. Why should we care? CEO Joe Arnold kindly told us. As a recap the business was...

Now SwiftStack rides the OpenStack wave, raising $16M

October 26. 2014

VENTUREBEAT SwiftStack, a startup that has built object-storage software based on the Swift object-storage portion of OpenStack's open-source cloud software, is announcing today a $16 million funding round, following on months of...

SwiftStack Raises $16M For Its Enterprise Object Storage Service

October 26. 2014

TECHCRUNCH The open source OpenStack platform is seeing increased adoption in the enterprise and with that, the ecosystem of vendors around the platform is also growing, On the storage side, SwiftStack offers enterprises an...

SwiftStack fetches $16 mln

October 22. 2014

REUTERS PE HUB San Francisco-based SwiftStack, a software defined storage firm, has raised $16 million in Series B funding. The investors were OpenView Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, Storm Ventures and UMC Capital.

10 Requirements of a New-Generation Cloud Storage System

October 13. 2014

EWEEK More data is being collected each day across devices, systems and networks, and the velocity of this data collection is picking up speed. With all this new data, however, come new challenges relating to capacity, security...

Getting On The Cloud: 12 Cloud Storage Gateways

September 18. 2014

CRN While businesses increasingly see the benefit of storing data in the cloud, few want to move all their data to an off-site provider. Instead, businesses are more likely to keep part of their data on-premise, whether for...

We're going to need more storage for the Internet of Things

September 01. 2014

VENTUREBEAT Every day, hundreds of thousands of devices are newly connected to the Internet. Smart refrigerators, activity monitors, security cameras and more — devices previously only plugged into a power outlet — are connected...

Budd Van Lines moves to SwiftStack storage, bundles DR and backup

September 01. 2014

TECHTARGET Object storage can be intimidating to some companies, but it no longer is to Budd Van Lines. Budd Van Lines is running three SwiftStack nodes with 40 TB of storage each, and plans to outfit remaining offices this year.

Vendor Q&A Series: Joe Arnold, SwiftStack

August 28. 2014

CHANNELNOMICS Channelnomics interviews SwiftStack CEO Joe Arnold about the company and what new advances software-defined storage is bringing to the IT world.

New release of OpenStack Swift brings storage policies

July 08. 2014

New release of OpenStack Swift brings storage policies Object storage with OpenStack Swift gained an important feature in yesterday's 2.0 release with the addition of storage policies. John Dickinson, Swift Program Technical Lead...

With Release 2.0 OpenStack Swift Matures, adding Storage Policies

July 07. 2014

DATA CENTER KNOWLEDGE OpenStack Swift is cloud storage software for storing and retrieving lots of data through a simple API. The latest 2.0 release introduces storage policies, which come after a year of work from many...

SwiftStack Lands Version 2.0 With a Bold Prediction In Tow

June 19. 2014

ENTERPRISE STORAGE GUIDE Startup vendor SwiftStack has announced that their OpenStack Swift based object storage platform has reached the milestone of version 2.0 on June 17th. What makes this an interesting release, aside from...

Software Defined Storage Startup Brings OpenStack Swift Object Storage Into the Enterprise

June 18. 2014

DATA CENTER KNOWLEDGE SwiftStack launched release 2.0 of its software defined object storage platform that comes with Swift, the object storage portion of OpenStack, an open source cloud architecture. SwiftStack wants to help...

SwiftStack 2.0 adds file system gateway, Swift updates

June 17. 2014

TECHTARGET SwiftStack Inc. this week unveiled version 2.0 of its eponymous object storage software, featuring a gateway that enables customers to integrate their file-based applications.

SwiftStack Eases Transition to Object Storage

June 17. 2014

ITBUSINESSEDGE To one degree or another, object-based storage is in the future of just about every enterprise. In fact, most of the storage services in the cloud today are enabled by object-based storage systems. SwiftStack wants...

Interest in block and object OpenStack storage picks up

May 18. 2014

SEARCHSTORAGE All signs pointed to continuing momentum for OpenStack storage technology, including Cinder block storage and Swift object storage, last week in Atlanta at the semiannual conference devoted to the open source...

10 exciting reactions from OpenStack Summit Atlanta

May 14. 2014

OPENSOURCE.COM There's something different about OpenStack Summit Atlanta. ... I can sum up my experience from the first three days in one word: excitement!

HGST and Seagate go head-to-head with Ethernet disk drives

May 13. 2014

THE REGISTER Seagate's Kinetic disk drive has had its open source program expanded with APIs and libraries. Meanwhile, HGST has just announced its own Ethernet disk and SSD storage technology. Joe Arnold, CEO of SwiftStack, said...

Open standards-based storage dominates conversation on Day 2 of #OpenStackSummit

May 12. 2014

SILICONANGLE The first day of this week's OpenStack Summit in Atlanta centered on hybrid computing and the new community marketplace the governing body of the project has rolled out in hopes of establishing greater product...

Bringing Software-Defined to the Data Center

February 23. 2014

SYS-CON MEDIA SDN Journal: Article - Lower costs and increase control

Talking SwiftStack with Founder and CEO Joe Arnold

February 06. 2014

DZONE SwiftStack is based on the OpenStack storage project, Swift, and helps operations teams implement and manage an easy-to-use, multi-tenant and highly scalable private cloud storage platform...

SwiftStack optimistic as Open storage continues to gain momentum

January 16. 2014

SILICONANGLE Things are looking bright for SwiftStack as the rapid growth in unstructured information continues to drive the adoption of object storage...

Companies will Compete with Open Cloud Technologies

January 07. 2014

VIRTUAL STRATEGY MAGAZINE As companies continue on their individual journeys, they will look to harness some of the same advantages that big operators like Amazon and Google do.

The 10 Coolest Startups Of 2013

December 15. 2013

CRN The storage industry is getting ready for a couple of massive shifts in the business, with hardware array sales down, flash storage and SSD sales rising fast, and software-defined storage technology threatening to disrupt the...

Cloud storage technologies become even more open in 2014

December 10. 2013

VMBLOG Open storage technologies are not new. Odds are the cloud storage that you and those you know are using today is open source software...

Concur - Scaling Storage with OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack

November 04. 2013

OPENSTACK FOUNDATION Private cloud storage with scalability to 10 Billion images for the leader in in integrated travel and expense management

With Havana Release, OpenStack Adds Enterprise Features

October 16. 2013

DATA CENTER KNOWLEDGE Object Storage Goes Global - One feature that is a little more under the radar but of significant importance is global clusters for object storage. "The global clustering feature allows you to take your...

The Growing Diversity inside OpenStack Object Storage

October 08. 2013

OPENSTACK FOUNDATION I'm happy to report a lot of exciting things are happening in Swift, specifically around the community participation and growing ecosystem. The total number of contributors to OpenStack Object Storage reached...

Disney Builds Private Cloud For Video Game Empire

October 08. 2013

WIRED Cloud computing isn't just a new way of hosting and running applications. It's also a new way to think about how applications are designed in the first place, how they store and retrieve data...

Why Disney Interactive dug into a few open-source toolboxes for its Cloud

September 09. 2013

VENTUREBEAT Interactive wanted more privacy than what would’ve been possible through a public cloud, and thus it went down the private route. But instead of going with one vendor or open-source environment...

OpenStack Leading The Way VMworld

August 27. 2013

SILICONANGLE John Furrier welcomed Josh McKenty and Joe Arnold to discuss the ever maturing OpenStack platform. Furrier began by noting how OpenStack has really resonated with enterprises...

Software Defined Storage: The future of private clouds with SwiftStack

August 14. 2013

ROBERT SCOBLE SwiftStack was started by a guy who used to build infrastructure for businesses on top of Amazon's Web Services. Here Joe Arnold CEO of SwiftStack (one of the world's top authorities on software defined storage)...

Object storage looks like a technology whose time has come

August 01. 2013

451 RESEARCH Unstructured data growth is putting pressure on many already-creaking storage environments. Although object storage has been around for a decade, mainstream adoption has been elusive. Is this now a more realistic...

SwiftStack announces software-defined storage for OpenStack

July 28. 2013

INFOWORLD Object storage system delivers scalability, flexibility, and extensive control over data stored in the cloud San Francisco-based SwiftStack has announced the general availability of its private cloud storage product....

Silicon Mechanics Announces That It Provides Hardware Integration Services to SwiftStack

July 22. 2013

PRWEB Flexible, Private Cloud Storage Paired with Vendor-neutral Hardware Silicon Mechanics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing clusters, announces that it is now providing...

OpenStack wranglers release Atmos-on-a-budget object store

July 22. 2013

THE REGISTER Software-defined storage company SwiftStack has announced the general availability of its OpenStack-based object store, and claims it already has "multiple petabytes" under management...

OpenStack Swift object storage to add space-saving erasure coding

July 14. 2013

SEARCHCLOUDSTORAGE The OpenStack development community has begun an initiative to introduce erasure codes to its open source Swift object storage...

Interview with Joe Arnold, founder and CEO of Swiftstack

June 23. 2013

DELL TECHCENTER Dell: Could you tell us about Swiftstack and Swift for those of us who may not know what it is?

Software-defined storage stays hot as SwiftStack gets $6.1M

March 10. 2013

GIGAOM For software that brings the flexibility of public-cloud infrastructure to storage on premise and in private clouds. SwiftStack lands a $6.1 million Series A round of funding for software that brings the flexibility of...