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Full support for Global Clusters now available in OpenStack Object Storage

Combining development contributions from storage leaders including SwiftStack, “Havana” release of OpenStack Swift includes full support for data replication across geographies

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 17 , 2013 – SwiftStack a technology innovator of private cloud storage for modern applications, today announced its development contributions to the OpenStack® Object Storage project (code named Swi ft) are part of the latest release of OpenStack Swift. Together with contributions from HP, IBM, Intel, Rackspace, and Red Hat, the latest release (code named Havana) has a total of 64 contributors, and has added new features and robustness to the engine t hat powers the world’s largest storage clouds. The addition of full support for global clusters in OpenStack Havana enables new and existing users to rapidly deploy cloud storage between geographies for disaster tolerance and improved levels of service.

"Key to OpenStack's success will be a robust ecosystem of global technology leaders backing the project," said Mike Werner, senior director, Global Ecosystems, Red Hat. "We are pleased to collaborate with SwiftStack through Red Hat's OpenStack ecosystem on OpenStack's advancement in the enterprise."

Unique disaster recovery and availability for open object storage

As enterprise applications evolve from their traditional software architecture to today’s user - centric model, applications must retain the requi rement for high availability and disaster tolerance. However, delivering consistent data replication across geographies is a significant challenge in a distributed architecture. OpenStack Object Storage is the first of its kind to support global clusters w ith open source technologies, offering deployers the availability across geographies that their new applications require.

Enterprises can take advantage of dramatic cost savings, leveraging open source software on commodity hardware, while scaling capacit y and performance across multiple dimensions - all this without sacrificing availability and distribution of their critical data across data centers. By selecting an open solution, customers are not locked - in, enjoying the maximum flexibility possible when operating in public, private or hybrid cloud use cases

Added in the 1.8 release, a region tier for data placement allowed deployers to group availability zones into regions, and have adjustable replica counts for better availability across those regions . The 1.9 release had support for using a separate replication network and control of read and write affinity, which enabled clients to be served more quickly by nearby data centers. The 1.10 release completes the solution with optimization to replication. SwiftStack is powered by OpenStack Object Storage, and its private cloud solution offers a controller interface for easily deploying and operating storage clusters that span multiple geographies.

Community development effort

OpenStack Swift is one of t he original projects at the core of OpenStack, and continues to see increased contribution with every new release. The total number of contributors to OpenStack Swift has reached 136, with as many as 16 different contributors committing code in a single we ek in July 2013. More than 30 developers contributed to the project for the first time in this latest release, a testament to the momentum of the project. Supported by a broad base of contributors, major feature development addressing real - world use cases is driving increased adoption, particularly among enterprises.

“SwiftStack is powered by OpenStack Object Storage, a decision I made when founding the company. The vibrant contribution to OpenStack and its proven performance at scale is the reason OpenSta ck Swift powers many of the world’s largest storage clouds,” said Joe Arnold, CEO at SwiftStack. “Our customers require a storage solution that supports high availability and disaster tolerance across geographies, which has been made possible with the comm unity effort bringing support for global clusters to OpenStack Swift.”

Supporting today’s applications

SwiftStack user Concur will share their experiences at the OpenStack Summit on November 5 - 8 in Hong Kong. Dan Wilson, senior manager of hosting operations at Concur, will share his view on options in the market and cover the advantages of the Swift architecture to support SaaS applications, along with how Swift fits into the architecture at Concur.

What: Case Study: Delivering a SaaS application with Swift
Where: SkyCity Grand Ballroom C (SkyCity Marriott Hotel), part of OpenStack Summit Hong Kong
When: Thursday November 7, 2013, 9:50am - 10:30am
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