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Object Storage Swiftly Storms The Datacenter

Timothy Prickett Morgan

November 3, 2015

Object Storage Swiftly Storms The Datacenter

The hyperscale datacenter operators of the world take a certain kind of pride in breaking technologies and finding new and better ways to scale compute, networking, and storage. But as many of them have said many times, they would gladly use a commercial product in place of a homegrown one if they could only find one to do the job.

Object storage is one of the areas where hyperscalers were forced by necessity to innovate, and a handful of commercial-grade products, such as Web Object Scaler from DataDirect Networks, Atmos and Centera from EMC, and sdNET from Cleversafe (just acquired by IBM), and the RING from Scality, just to name a few, were developed in parallel. In the open source community, the Swift object storage created by Rackspace Hosting became a core component of the OpenStack cloud controller it created with NASA, and Ceph, now controlled by Red Hat, was another open source alternative and one that will eventually support block and file data access methods atop object storage if the roadmap pans out.