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SwiftStack Helps Leading Australian Service Provider Cut Its Storage Costs by 33 Percent

Bendigo Telco Leverages SwiftStack to Simplify Back-Up Service Management

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SwiftStack, the leader in a new breed of object storage for enterprise, has helped Bendigo Telco, a leading supplier of telecommunications services in Australia, transition to object storage, saving Bendigo 33 percent on overall recurring storage costs and about 50 percent on the storage expansion Bendigo needed to grow its back-up as a service product. Moving from its traditional storage infrastructure to SwiftStack’s software-defined solution has also significantly simplified Bendigo’s everyday IT management as SwiftStack takes the replication burden away from Bendigo’s IT staff.

“When our storage hardware came up for renewal, we started to look for a platform that could help us get cost per TB of storage down all while introducing more capability to help us expand our backup as a service offering,” said Regan Klemm, systems manager, Bendigo Telco. “We looked at a number of vendors, and although object storage was not originally on our list due to concerns on how long it would take our small team to build a platform of that magnitude, we quickly learned that SwiftStack’s software was so easy to use that it provided all the benefits of object storage, but without the typical implementation headaches.”

Bendigo quickly set up a SwiftStack trial, interacted with product experts during testing, and from there calculated pricing for its needs as a service provider. “After extensive research, we found that SwiftStack’s cost per TB was the most affordable compared to other vendors. We would ultimately cut the cost of our storage growth by 50 percent while also saving approximately 66 percent on ongoing storage costs compared to what we were paying previously,” said Klemm. “This, combined with our positive trial experience, SwiftStack’s almost-too-good-to-be-true ease of use and the ability to choose any hardware led to our decision to implement, which has ultimately helped improve the way we do back-ups for our customers.”

“We are seeing over and over again, examples just like Bendigo, where service providers and enterprises supporting data-intensive workloads are looking for a new breed of storage solution that can match demanding application requirements with freedom of technology choice,” said Anders Tjernlund, SwiftStack’s chief operating officer. “As we’ve done with Bendigo, SwiftStack strives to prove to customers that creating a storage, backup and DR service that acts like a pay-as-you-grow cloud is in fact possible without the need for an expensive hardware overhaul, using standard servers they already buy.”

Providing back-up as a service comes with strict data copy requirements, and SwiftStack has helped Bendigo introduce advanced data protection with built-in automated policies that simplify management and reduce the time required to replicate and recover data. Prior to implementing SwiftStack, Bendigo’s IT team was spending four to six hours at a time managing the replication process associated with Bendigo’s back-up as a service offering. With SwiftStack’s built-in replication capabilities, the data distribution takes place live, allowing Klemm’s team to focus on other priorities including, according to Klemm, “the ability to help grow the business and pursue offering other file-based services direct to customers. We are looking into also implementing the Filesystem Gateway that SwiftStack offers.”

Bendigo uses Supermicro servers with its SwiftStack solution, at 12 disks per node. As part of its most recent hardware refresh and SwiftStack implementation, Bendigo rolled out 400 TB of raw storage across two datacenters. Bendigo’s SwiftStack solutions sits behind virtual load balancers with full 10 GB connectivity between datacenters. Currently Bendigo is storing roughly 250 TB worth of data with four copies for durability and responsiveness.

As Bendigo continues to expand its back-up as a service offering, SwiftStack also continues to help Bendigo attain more flexibility in its platform design, further contributing to Bendigo’s ability to grow faster and easier.