Hybrid Cloud with Google Cloud Platform
Hybrid Cloud workflows with SwiftStack on-premises storage and Google public cloud storage

Core to SwiftStack is the ability to scale a cluster with a single namespace across multiple geographic regions. While this makes excellent use of multiple data centers (if you have them), your workflows may benefit from a hybrid cloud strategy. With Cloud Sync in SwiftStack, data can automatically and continuously be synchronized to Google Cloud Storage based on policies you define. The result is data lives wherever it is needed by your users and applications.

Extending your storage infrastructure to the public cloud allows you to more easily collaborate with external teams, leverage cloud bursting for faster compute, and take advantage of cost-effective offsite archiving capabilities using Amazon Glacier or Google Cloud Coldline.

Highlights of Cloud Sync in SwiftStack

  • One-way and bidirectional sync from SwiftStack to the public cloud
  • Freedom to utilize both Google and Amazon clouds
  • Policy-driven placement of data
  • Many bucket-to-bucket sync relationships
  • Contents of many private buckets can be stored in a public bucket
  • Data is stored in cloud-native format instead of being in a proprietary archive

Your Hybrid Cloud

Create your own cloud storage for free with SwiftStack.

Use Case Example:

Transcode video in the cloud with elastic compute

Joe Arnold, founder and Chief Product Officer of SwiftStack, demonstrates how to synchronize video in a SwiftStack container/bucket with a bucket in Google Cloud Storage and then transcode that video using Google Container Engine. This is just one example of what you can do with data once it’s in the public cloud, because extending your private storage infrastructure to the public cloud is most powerful when you can use the scalable compute capabilities that it offers.



Swiftstack | Data Sheet - SwiftStack Cloud Sync Feature Highlight

Data Sheet

SwiftStack Cloud Sync Feature Highlight

Hybrid Cloud Workflows using Google Cloud


Hybrid Cloud Workflows using Google Cloud

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