Veeam and SwiftStack
Keep up with the hyper-growth of data with cost-effective cloud-native object storage

The hyper-growth of data is causing hyper-growth of backup data that needs to be managed, stored, recovered, and utilized. Combine that with compliance requirements demanding longer-term data retention–traditional data storage architectures are failing. To address this need, the storage infrastructure needs to easily scale and automatically protect data against a major disaster, all while meeting constrained IT budgets.

With the modern architecture of Veeam Cloud Tier, more data can be stored on cost-effective and easy-to-operate cloud storage, resulting in up to 10x savings in storage infrastructure!

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Veeam and SwiftStack Cloud Tier Example Diagram In this Cloud Tier example, data is stored on the performance tier (drives connected to Veeam servers) for 30 days, where then the data is moved off to the capacity tier (SwiftStack) for as long as the data needs to be retained.

SwiftStack 1click Application Profile for Veeam

The SwiftStack Software Appliance automates the installation, configuration, and maintenance of all software components on the storage nodes housing the application data sets.

1click Application Profiles are then implemented through a single-click process to configure a ready-to-use storage system tailored for the specific application. With the 1click Application Profile for Veeam Cloud Tier, Veeam users can instantly provision storage that is plug-compatible with Cloud Tier and quickly realize its benefits.

SwiftStack 1click Application Profiles

Auto-creation of a storage bucket with an application-tuned policy and optimal SwiftStack system settings

SwiftStack 1click Additional Application with Veeam Diagram

SwiftStack Software Appliance

Automated installation, configuration and maintenance of all operating system and SwiftStack software components

Hardware Platform

Defined hardware includes the optimal CPU, RAM, network, and disk configurations for scale-out storage

SwiftStack Additional Hardware Diagram

The Complete Picture – Cisco + Veeam + SwiftStack

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SwiftStack and Veeam are both proud Cisco Preferred Solution partners and leverage Cisco HyperFlex and UCS servers to create an optimized and seamless end-to-end data protection solution.

Petabyte Scale Disaster Recovery with Veeam and SwiftStack When your data protection requirements scale beyond a few hundred terabytes and you desire policy-drive, touchless offsite protection, use Cloud Tier to intelligently move data to SwiftStack cloud storage.

Veeam Cloud Tier + SwiftStack Highlights:

  • Save up to 10x on data retention costs
  • Always remain aligned with compliance requirements
  • Data always remains active and available for use
  • Software-only storage design, providing complete hardware flexibility
  • Seamlessly scale-out from 100s of TB to 10s of PB
  • Simplify data storage across a single datacenter, multiple regions, and multiple clouds
  • Further simplify your storage infrastructure by expanding the same SwiftStack cluster for other uses cases


SwiftStack is free to try in your own environment. All you need is an available Intel-based server or virtual machine running Linux to get started.



Solution Overview: Achieve Cloud-Scale Storage for Backup and Recovery Data with Cisco, Veeam and SwiftStack

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Achieve Cloud-Scale Storage for Backup and Recovery Data

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