For the upcoming OpenStack Summit in San Diego on October 15-18, the SwiftStack team have been hard at work developing some great content on how to deploy, operate and build applications for OpenStack Swift. To help you in your OpenStack summit planning, here is a schedule and summary of the 6 sessions and workshops that the SwiftStack team will presenting:

SwiftStack Schedule at OpenStack Summit

OpenStack Swift Technical Track

Monday October 15, 9:50am – 12:30pm @ Windsor BC meeting room
Monday October 15, 1:50pm – 6:00pm @ Windsor BC meeting room

Join the OpenStack Swift developer community and SwiftStack Technical Director and Swift Project Technical Lead (PTL), John Dickinson, to discuss the ongoing development of Swift, including plans for the Grizzly release. Learn more here. The currently proposed talks, and links to propose your own talks are at

OpenStack Swift Introduction: Architecture Overview and Use Cases

Tuesday October 16, 11:50am – 12:30pm @ Manchester A meeting room

Joe Arnold, CEO of SwiftStack, and John Dickinson, Director of Technology at SwiftStack and Swift PTL, will provide an overview of OpenStack Swift and cover specific examples of how OpenStack Swift is being used today. We will examine use cases including high-volume websites, mobile application development, custom file-sharing applications, data analytics and operations teams providing private storage infrastructure-as-a-service. Learn more here.

OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) Project Update

Tuesday October 16, 3:40pm – 4:20pm @ Manchester E meeting room

Swift has had a lot of momentum leading into the Folsom release. John Dickinson, Director of Technology at SwiftStack and Swift PTL will provide an overview of what you can expect in the upcoming release: features, polish, reliability, and stability. With valuable contributions from a growing developer base, the Swift developers have delivered a world-class product to an ever-increasing user base. Come hear the feature highlights of the Folsom release, the growth in the community, and the future plans for Swift. Learn more here.

Deploying OpenStack Swift

Thursday, October 18, 9:00am – 10:30am @ Manchester F meeting room

In this workshop, Joe Arnold and Darrell Bisop, Architect at SwiftStack, will teach you how to deploy and configure OpenStack Swift. We will guide you through the architecture of Swift, walk through a step-by-step installation from the ground up and cover the guts of how Swift works, including Swift’s failure recovery mechanisms. Learn more here.

Operating OpenStack Swift

Thursday, October 18, 11:00am – 12:30pm @ Manchester F meeting room

Sam Merritt, Sr. Software Engineer at SwiftStack and Swift Core Team member, will share the operations knowledge that you will need to run and operate an OpenStack Swift cluster. We will cover practical advice on common operational tasks, including adding capacity to a Swift cluster, procedures for handling a drive failures, running benchmarks to simulate workloads, tuning, using transaction IDs in the logs to find an error, monitoring Swift-specific metrics and what they mean such as async pending, quarantined objects and replication statistics. Learn more here.

Building Applications with OpenStack Swift

Thursday, October 18, 1:30pm – 3:00pm @ Manchester F meeting room

Now that you have a Swift cluster setup, let’s put it to work. Swift is capable of being integrated deeply with an application or infrastructure. In this workshop, Orion Auld, VP of Engineering at SwiftStack, will teach how you’ll use Swift to assemble Swinterest, a fully-featured web application. We’ll cover where Swift fits into your application’s architecture, how to extend and customize Swift authentication and how to support rich integration by developing custom Swift middleware. Learn more here.

There are many other great sessions at the Summit, but one we’d like to recommend is Ryan Floyd’sInvesting in OpenStack session on Wednesday, October 17, which will provide the investor perspective on the OpenStack space in general and on Swift in particular. Also consider attending Niki Acosta’s This is Your Career. This is Your Career on OpenStack session, in which John Dickinson will be one of the panelists.

See you at the Summit!


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Anders Tjernlund

Anders Tjernlund

Anders Tjernlund is the COO and co-founder of SwiftStack, Inc. Prior to co-founding SwiftStack, Anders built and ran operations teams at BEA Systems, Engine Yard and other venture backed companies. He was also an EIR at El Dorado Ventures and has advised and consulted for several open-source companies in the cloud and enterprise infrastructure space.