We’re all very excited to announce our new partnership with Redapt to take our data storage solutions to the next level for the cloud. If you haven’t already heard, we’ve come together with Redapt, a full-service systems integration firm with a significant focus on object and cloud
storage developments.

The partnership came about as we recognized a growing need for a more simplified approach to object storage. The OpenStack framework (note: SwiftStack is based on OpenStack Swift) gives companies a ton of flexibility within their own cloud deployment and operations. However, time and time again our clients have expressed a desire for something more cohesive.

It was at this point of consumer need and technological developments that we found a great match with Redapt. Their data center infrastructure and cloud solutions aligned directly with our focus on data simplicity. And our own object storage platform has already shown great promise integrating with their SuperDense Storage technology.


How SwiftStack + Redapt Enable Scaling at the Lowest Possible Cost

You’ve probably already noticed the continued need for file  storage within your own organization. If your needs have increased within the last few years, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, a 2013 IDC report shows that through 2017, this market will grow by a staggering 24.5% annually. When storage needs double every 3 years, the storage infrastructure must be able to scale accordingly.

One of the largest challenges companies of all sizes face is the cost factor associated with this scaling. Helping to mitigate this cost was another major component driving SwiftStack’s partnership with Redapt. By connecting our object storage platform with Redapt’s SuperDense Storage technology, one very important outcome emerges. That outcome is lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).


Data Storage: Growing with Your Company

Of course, lowering operational costs is only one concern your company has when it comes to your cloud storage. There are two other major factors you need to worry about:  Scalability and Flexibility. 

  • Scalability for Continued Growth

Your company is going to grow and shift as the market changes. Do you really want to keep worrying whether or not your cloud storage will accommodate this type of shift?

That’s why our partnership is so critical for the future. Redapt’s SuperDense Storage brings industry-leading storage density and amazing speed in data access and retrieval – both on-site and in distributed environments. As our technological innovations come together for our customers, we help keep TCO much more manageable. Even in the realm of unprecedented data storage growth, we’ll help keep data costs from skyrocketing beyond your control.

  • Flexibility for Any Future Challenges

Keeping cloud storage situated for growth is only one part of truly effective 21st century object storage. IT Managers already know that there’s one thing which has remained constant in the last five years: constant change. Change is inevitable as corporate strategies shift. The need for convenient, accessible data has never been more important. Without a flexible approach to that data access, how could we expect to keep up with your growth? Our goal is to maximize accessibility by maintaining a flexible understanding of how the cloud meets our customers’ needs. This is the same vision shared by Redapt, and it’s why our partnership is so critical in today’s business climate.


A Match Made for the Future

Bringing together two firms in a partnership like SwiftStack and Redapt doesn’t just make sense from a business perspective. For us, it’s a big move that will help companies large and small keep up with this obvious need for improved and expanded object storage. OpenStack is where the future lies for the cloud. Together with Redapt, we’re ready to work with the community to create a truly comprehensive data solution.

To learn more about deploying SwiftStack Object Storage on SuperDense Storage by Redapt, check out our solution brief.

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Greg Govatos

Greg Govatos

Greg Govatos is the VP of Strategic Partnerships for SwiftStack.