Have you noticed how difficult it is to get an IT professional to a technical seminar these days? A series of emails followed by calls from the Inside Sales team may generate 20 registrants and 10 attendees. I recently spoke to an IT Director who says he receives a “dozen or more” such invitations per week, with little to no distinguishing value among them. It’s no wonder the classic steak-and-storage event isn’t the draw it used to be.

With this mindset, I was surprised (shocked, frankly) by the attendance at one of our partner’s recent events. Edge Solutions, a systems integrator based in Alpharetta, GA, organized Swift Workshops on back-to-back days with SwiftStack engineers as the expert instructors. These are full-day technical sessions, so the commitment to attend is high.

Here’s the punch line: every single person who registered showed up. That’s right: 100% attendance!

Moreover, these attendees were not just warm bodies. They were architects and engineers who are central to their company’s operations. Having never seen this level of response to a seminar, I thought about how Edge delivered such an astounding result.

A full house in Dunwoody, GA. June 17, 2015

A full house in Dunwoody, GA. June 17, 2015

The Edge Solutions Recipe

  1. Edge focused on several groups within a single “Big Company”, creating a grapevine effect. No one wanted to be left out.
  2. Through multiple meetings and interactions, Edge gained insights that led to a customized SwiftStack value proposition for Big Company. There’s no substitute for doing your homework.
  3. Edge got VP-level sponsorship because of this value proposition. Securing a leader’s support – first – has magical effects throughout the organization.
  4. Edge used the workshop as a way to deepen Big Company’s competency around Swift technology, not introduce them to the topic. Technical events have the most potency in the middle of a sales process.
  5. The attendees left the session with a new skill set, not a sales pitch. The hearts and minds of engineers are won through hands-on application.

So, rather than surf and turf and a fancy venue, Edge and SwiftStack proved that killer content and a direct tie-in to a company’s business drivers are the keys to a successful seminar.

We even received high marks on the deli sandwiches served over a working lunch!

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Greg Govatos

Greg Govatos

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