SwiftStack is helping sports video professionals realize the power of active archive.

Our recent sponsorship of the Sports Video Group is a step forward in bringing SwiftStack’s new breed of object storage to the Media and Entertainment industry. SwiftStack’s solution is powered by OpenStack Swift, offering a unique controller and freedom of choice for genuine simplicity. We deliver capabilities for the growing demands in media creation and delivery workflows – just ask current customers PAC-12 Networks, DreamWorks Studios, Digital Film Tree and Disney Interactive Studios.

If you’re planning on attending the Sports Video Group Sports Asset Management & Storage Conference in NYC tomorrow, Wednesday July 29th, make sure to look for a SwiftStack representative!

Why do we like the Sports Video Group?

That’s an easy one. Just ask our MVP (that’s our Marketing Vice President, sports fans), Mario Blandini – “As a company that is very active in user communities, the Sports Video Group is one of the most exciting communities that SwiftStack is working with. Sports video professionals are pushing the boundaries of technology and storage, and they represent one of the best sources of learning for us as we advance the state of the art in Active Archive storage and storage for media distribution.”

Why does the Sports Video Group like us?

Imagine being in the control room of a March Madness game and an underdog has just defeated a top-seeded team in the first round. No one expected this defeat, so in-depth footage of the underdog team wasn’t readily available and by the time someone managed to pull it from tapes up on a shelf (because who can afford to keep all potentially unusable footage at arm’s reach?), viewers already changed the channel.

Media_entertainment_Blog_Post_new_final2Now imagine having every game and player footage accessible from your private cloud at the click of a button, seconds away, and at a cost you can afford?

With SwiftStack, media distributors have access to a scalable cloud archive, and can be assured that their data is always online and is quickly retrievable. These benefits are available with no hardware vendor lock-in and without having to change preferred software tools. This results in editors and collaborators working faster with distributed, unlimited access to the same unified shared storage pool. The new infrastructure architecture for media production workflows delivers lower TCO because that is what media creators need to continuously push the boundaries of technology and storage.

Why does PAC-12 like us?

Media creators are able to take full advantage of SwiftStack’s active archive and media distribution capabilities – Media can be distributed across multiple data centers, ensuring the data is always safe and always available at a moment’s notice – an indispensable feature in the sports video industry. This, along with simplified management and seamless integration with existing systems as core benefits, makes SwiftStack an excellent option for Media and Entertainment companies looking for a simplified, cost-efficient, reliable, high performance and scalable solution- “I needed to be able to have this archive that would scale linearly and infinitely” says Scott Adametz, Director of Systems Architecture and Technology at PAC-12 Networks, “with the help of the SwiftStack guys I had the thing running in 5 minutes”. In the case of PAC-12, this quick and easy integration efficiently automated deployment and management tasks and proactively monitored storage hardware and media. This automation resulted in accelerated production, increased performance and a low TCO – read our Case Study on PAC-12 to find out more.

Is SwiftStack the right solution for your use case?

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