I’ve been working on solutions to help people protect valuable data for my entire career. The unfortunate thing about data protection is that most do not put a solid strategy in place until after they’ve experienced a major data loss event. I’m not just talking about consumers who lost pictures of their kids or songs they purchased on iTunes, but also businesses that just prioritize backup much lower than other practices.

So on World Backup Day, I challenge you this…think about certain disaster scenarios and what would happen to the data that’s vital to you and your business. If your office burnt down, how will business continue tomorrow? If user error compromises an entire week’s worth of work, how will you get back on track? It may sound a bit grim, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure your data protection strategy is sound.

As a fun exercise, let’s take a look back at how we were protecting data in the past and where I think it’s trending in the future.

SwiftStack: History of Storage SwiftStack: History of Storage


Learn more about why Object-based storage has emerged as an excellent option for backup, archiving and recovery

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