Speaking on behalf of the entire SwiftStack team that was at Bio-IT World, it was great seeing each and every one of you who took time to interact with us. The current energy in the life sciences space is more than exhilarating and that’s because we’re all  applying innovative technology to break through boundaries of the past and attack the challenges facing us.

SwiftStack at BioIT16

This year, I had another opportunity to lead a session on “Enabling Genomic Sequencing at Petabyte Scale”, with special guest Dirk Petersen from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Using traditional storage products to storage petabytes of new data each year is not just challenging, but cost prohibitive. That’s the reason why we had nearly 200 attendees, but it you happened to miss it, don’t worry…I recorded it!

After the session ended, Dirk and I were so excited that we had to say one more thing about the scalable performance characteristics of object storage.

To continue the fun, we hosted an after party on the rooftop of a Boston-based SwiftStack investor, OpenView. It was a blast interacting with everyone that came and signing copies of my Object Storage for Genomics book. If you missed picking up a copy at the show and would like one, request a copy here!

Object Storage for Genomics: Deploying and administering OpenStack Swift with SwiftStack for bioinformatics

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