SwiftStack Drive allows you to utilize a SwiftStack private cloud in the same way that you use any locally-attached drive or a network-attached storage (NAS) share. This makes is easy for end users and classic applications to take advantage of cloud storage.

SwiftStack cloud storage is natively accessed using an object storage API like S3 or Swift. Some applications do not yet support these APIs or cannot be modified to support them. And for end users, 3rd-party tools are available that let you interact with cloud storage like a FTP server, but the user experience is not very natural. SwiftStack Drive solves both of these challenges, by making SwiftStack storage appear like a local volume.

Windows and OS X are both supported, where a drive letter is mapped in Windows Explorer or it is mounted in the Finder on OS X.

To see it in action, watch Joe Arnold, our Chief Product Officer, give a quick demo:

SwiftStack Drive is an optional add-on to SwiftStack Object Storage, so please reach out to us if you’d like to give it a try or use it in your workflow.

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Erik Pounds

Erik Pounds

Erik is an avid technology geek, attacks opportunities by building things, and currently leads the marketing function at SwiftStack. Prior to SwiftStack, he led the Sync team at BitTorrent, ran product management at Drobo, and held various product and marketing roles at Brocade and EMC. He proudly graduated from the University of San Francisco, where he captained their Division 1 Golf Team.