Bloggers Test Drive SwiftStack for Charity

Storage has traditionally been a technology that could only be first experienced in presentation slides, given the logistical challenges of transporting large heavy boxes. Remote testing of hardware cannot give the same experience, and the logistics of getting a VPN into a full environment shared among many can be difficult. Software-defined changes this experience.

Thousands of individuals have experienced how SwiftStack can be easily deployed on-premises and and managed As-a-Service using our unlimited Free Trial. To showcase how easy this test-drive experience of SwiftStack can be, we’ve invited the blogger community to participate in a friendly competition in the form of a test-drive program for charity.

We asked bloggers to take our Free Trial for a spin and post their experiences on their blog, earning them an automatic $50 donation to the charity of their choice. Furthermore, between July 11 and August 11, the blogger who receives the most “engagement points” for their post from his or her audience will win an additional $1,000 for their charity. The runner up will earn a $250 donation.

How Can I Get in on the Action?

Your favorite blogger will earn points when you view, click, post comments, and socially share. Readers can win big too by submitting a comment on their favorite bloggers’ posts! One commenter from each blog post will be selected at random to receive any prize of their choice, valued at $500 or less. Great odds to win money for your own favorite charity, an gift card, or more personal storage for your home lab.

We’re honored to have the following bloggers take part in the test-drive for some really great causes:


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At SwiftStack, we’re building software to help people easily create large scale object storage infrastructure in their own data center. With OpenStack Swift at the core, we provide an enterprise-grade object storage system that is used by some of the most well known brands in the Fortune 500 and on the web.