On Tuesday, I visited the Intel Developer Forum at the Moscone Center in San Francisco along with John Dickinson (Swift co-founder and current PTL), which is dedicated to makers, developers, and hardware manufacturers. The halls of Moscone West were filled to the brim with hands-on tech demos, new products, and countless projects showing off the real-world applications and capabilities of the latest tech from Intel and their partners.


Between checking out Twitter-powered Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots, watching demos of the latest NBaseT network tech, and learning about Intel’s latest Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK), we also spent some time meeting face-to-face with members of Intel’s NVM Solutions Group. SwiftStack has been working with Intel for the past few months to test and provide feedback on some of the software Intel has been working on to improve storage performance for cloud and datacenter applications.

Intel’s Cache Acceleration Software (CAS), in particular, has shown some performance gains when used to cache file system metadata for SwiftStack object nodes. Using an SSD to seamlessly act as a front end cache for a number of spinning disks, CAS gives you flexibility in determining what types of data you want to cache and how you want the cache to operate.




This functionality was the subject of the booth `Storage Analytics for the Cloud`, manned by Intel’s Mike Mesnier, and shows off some of this joint work we’ve done to test and verify performance gains from utilizing CAS in a SwiftStack cluster.



All of us at SwiftStack are excited to be working with Intel on this storage acceleration technology and stay tuned in the future for ways this can be utilized in your environment. As always, feel free to reach out to us if we can help with your data storage challenges.

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