Last month, we asked bloggers to take our Free Trial for a spin and post their experiences on their blogs, earning them an automatic $50 donation towards the charity of their choice. Between July 11 and August 11 we tallied up “engagement points” to award an additional $1,000 charitable donation to the winner, and $250 more to the runner-up.

Here are the results:

1. Andrea Mauro of vInfrastructure earned $1050 for his charity, Caritas Italiana.
2. Dan Frith of PenguinPunk earned $300 for his charity, World Vision.
3. Mark May of Virtual Storage Zone $300 for his charity, The Point Arc of Northern Kentucky.

In helping drive engagement for their favorite bloggers, the following individuals have scored prizes for themselves:

1. Michael Stump at chose to donate his $500 prize to SARC in Harford County, MD.
2. Richard Arnold at from Northampton, United Kingdom

Thanks again to the bloggers for showing how easy it can be to run a test drive of your own, and for those who read and shared the blogs for charity.

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Harold Hare

Harold Hare

Harold is on the SwiftStack marketing team at the San Francisco Office. He has a background in campaign development, event management, and graphic design. Harold fills a creative and dynamic marketing role by making communications and operations machines work bigger and faster.