This week, SwiftStack is demonstrating object storage capabilities at Veritas Vision 2016, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 12-14. Show attendees who stop by the SwiftStack booth 113 can see a demonstration with the NetBackup 8.0 beta and learn about the benefits of private storage clouds built with scale-out object storage.

SwiftStack Object Storage has already been listed on the Veritas NetBackup Hardware Compatibility List since the 7.7 release. Using the NetBackup S3 Cloud connector, customers can select SwiftStack Object Storage as a cloud provider, allowing backup data to be written and retrieved from SwiftStack. As described in keynote addresses, Netbackup 8.0 scheduled for a November release will bring additional cloud capabilities to its users.

With SwiftStack Object Storage, organizations can have a single tier of storage for their backup data and have it automatically copy data offsite to protect against major disasters. SwiftStack clusters can be geographically distributed and are policy-driven, so users choose where their their data needs to be and the storage software takes care of the rest. More information available @

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Mario Blandini

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