Vizrt booth @ IBC2016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

IBC, the International Broadcasting Convention wrapped up last week.  Visitors from around the world descended on Amsterdam to discover what’s next in broadcast technology.

We managed to own the news cycle at the show thanks to our joint announcement that Vizrt, makers of the industry-leading Media Asset Manager “Viz One” selected us as their new default storage.  Let that sink in…

The leading MAM selected our media storage as their new default.  To put this in perspective for us, if SwiftStack made car engines it would be as if Ford picked our engine to power the new Mustang.

We’re excited to bring you the behind-the-scenes story of the Viz One integration and the race to the finish to present it in time for IBC 2016!


SwiftStack has been working closely with the developers at Vizrt for years.  Our initial goal was adding SwiftStack to Viz One as a secondary media storage target.  Customers worldwide, myself included, were demanding a cost-effective drop-in replacement for LTO.  We found it in SwiftStack as active media archive.  Had we stopped there we’d have been justified in celebration at a job well done.

We didn’t stop.

I remember the conference call vividly… it was my first day @ SwiftStack.  My jaw dropped when James, Viz One’s product manager, laid out his vision for the future of object storage within Viz One.  It put so much faith into SwiftStack and object storage in general as the key building block for Media Asset Management at-scale.


Vizrt had been successfully developing against our clusters in Stockholm and California.  They even built a working Viz One beta utilizing native Swift API calls for asset movement, self-describing metadata and proxy video streaming direct from object.


The scope and breadth of the Viz One roadmap was stunning.  Everyone at SwiftStack was impressed at the quality of the work undertaken by their developers.  They thought strategically and always with the long-term success of their customers and MAM product in mind.

I don’t delude myself thinking object storage has reached critical mass in media.  It hasn’t, yet.  But when a media company as influential as Vizrt invests the amount of time, money and resources they did into object; maybe we’re not as far away as one might think.

We set up regular progress meetings to provide total support from our Development, Marketing, Product and Support teams.  We helped co-produce documentation, solutions briefs and how-to videos to highlight the awesome integration.

Fun Fact: We were still polishing collateral even as staff were arriving on-site in Amsterdam to build the booth!

The hard work, spanning continents, paid off!  The product features landed and the announcement went off without a hitch.  Many thanks to the awesome Vizrt crew who welcomed SwiftStack in Amsterdam to show off the amazing integration.

It was a true team-effort and we couldn’t be prouder to have a partner in Vizrt.


About Author

Scott Adametz

Scott Adametz

Scott Adametz is the Product Solutions Architect for Media & Entertainment.  Before joining SwiftStack he spent a decade in media launching Pac-12 Networks in San Francisco and Big Ten Network in Chicago. He is a two-time Emmy nominee for technical achievement in 2014 & 2015 for advancements in IP Production technology and further recognized internationally with an IBC Innovation Award. He lives in the Bay Area with his partner Eric and their dog Finn.