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As you can see in the media, analysis of Gartner’s latest analysis on the distributed filesystem and object storage category began within 30 hours of the research being published. SwiftStack will issue a press release on this research once we get approval back from Gartner, but in the meantime I wanted to share SwiftStack’s view on this analysis.

First and foremost, we are very pleased to have been recognized as a visionary in this category. There are many young companies that are not on the list given they did not meet the minimum threshold for inclusion. There are even some established companies like HGST (Amplidata) missing from the list for the same reason. We are the youngest, fastest growing company with the smallest funding in the field; evidence that customers looking for a solution for the future are succeeding with SwiftStack.


Granted, we are not (yet 😉 ) eligible for the leader’s quadrant based on revenues and number of salespeople and other things that make up “ability to execute” in Enterprise IT products. Until then, it is great that our ideas about what the future will or could be like are recognized as being visionary. Both companies in the visionary quadrant share open source as a differentiator, something we have always believed in. If a storage platform must protect data for many decades and centuries, longer than the life of most companies, anything that touches that data must be open.

From our inception, SwiftStack has not pivoted. Our architecture and design center has always been focused on what the future will be like. This makes us very different than the leaders in the Gartner analysis. SwiftStack is the only technology that makes it feasible and easy to pay as you grow, combined with the actual licensing model to pay as you grow. Non-visionary pundits said that companies would not buy IT resources this way, but traditional thinking has been disrupted. Niche products in the analysis are largely based on traditional models.

Those of you in companies that subscribe to Gartner, you can access the full research. The report is also available for purchase for ~$2K. Within a few days, everyone else can expect that the research will be licensed and available for free in many places to be found by a Google search. In the meantime, TheRegister and StorageNewsletter have stories with the highlights of the analysis.

As positive as this news is for SwiftStack, I am most excited about what is coming from SwiftStack. Our vision continues to build and expand as more and more customers deploy SwiftStack and find new ways to exploit the unique differentiation of the platform. Stay tuned for more visionary news from SwiftStack in November and early in 2017.

Congratulations to all of the companies recognized by Gartner. For anyone considering solutions from the leader’s quadrant, we would love for you take SwiftStack for a test drive with our free trial before you decide and buy. You will be glad you did.

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Mario Blandini

Mario Blandini

Mario is a technology & marketing enthusiast, a Swift lover, and an overall fan of disruption. Taking great pleasure as VP of Marketing at SwiftStack, he is also a storage marketing veteran from HGST, Drobo, and Brocade. Mario also deployed infrastructure in technical roles at Rhapsody Networks (now Brocade), Sanrise (now EMC), Adaptec, and the United States Marine Corps.