We are very pleased to announce that building on 4 quarters of SwiftStack availability on the Cisco global price list, customers can now have even more confidence in choosing Cisco as their supplier of hybrid cloud storage software. Why? These three recent major factors which in combination are unique to SwiftStack on Cisco UCS:

  • Cisco Validated Design
    • SwiftStack is now validated by Cisco for the Cisco UCS® S3260 storage server. Click for more information on the Cisco Validated Design
  • New solution bundle part numbers
    • In addition to SwiftStack as the only object storage solution on the Cisco GPL, there are new solution bundle part numbers to make ordering even easier
  • End to end support with Cisco Solution Support
    • Customers can select centralized support from Cisco solution experts for a single point of accountability for issue management and resolution. Click for more information on Cisco Solution Support

The combination of ordering efficiency, end-to-end solution support, and validated designs provide for the ideal consumption experience for enterprises.

Enterprises are looking for the benefits of public cloud storage as they modernize their business workflows and leverage hybrid cloud solutions,” said Don Jaworski, CEO of SwiftStack. “As a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, we have collaborated to establish a joint solution that leverages the high density and industry-leading networking capabilities of Cisco UCS Storage Servers in a solution that Enterprises can easily and confidently consume.”

This Cisco Validated Design (CVD) status is the result of successful completion of comprehensive testing and documentation of SwiftStack by Cisco engineers to facilitate faster, more reliable, and more predictable deployments for customers. They incorporate a broad set of technologies, features and applications to address customer needs. The value of the CVD is further enhanced with the availability of Cisco Solution Support, which has proven to provide a 43% average decrease in time to resolve solution-level issues using Cisco Solution Support versus product support alone.

As stated by Cisco’s Chalon Duncan in a recent blog, Object Storage is a software solution that is ideal for the networking throughput and storage density designed into the Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server. Cisco customers with data-centric applications now have a validated solution with easy ordering and Cisco solution support to deploy and scale storage infrastructure on-premises and in the public cloud.

SwiftStack innovations power hybrid cloud storage for enterprises. Enabling freedom to move workloads between private data centers and public clouds like Amazon or Google, SwiftStack software delivers universal access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace. Corporate data remains under the management control of internal IT, served by Cisco UCS server infrastructure that can start small and seamlessly scales huge within and across geographic regions.

The result, pay-as-you-grow consumption of IT-managed resources on-premises and in the cloud. Cisco also offers financing options for the hardware portion of the solution that provide for pay-as-you grow consumption of capacity within the physical hardware. Whether you are a late majority enterprise IT shop or an early adopting disruptor using IT as a differentiator, SwiftStack + Cisco provide the technology and service you need and the flexibility and freedom to fund new infrastructure to support any business model.

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Mario Blandini

Mario Blandini

Mario is a technology & marketing enthusiast, a Swift lover, and an overall fan of disruption. Taking great pleasure as VP of Marketing at SwiftStack, he is also a storage marketing veteran from HGST, Drobo, and Brocade. Mario also deployed infrastructure in technical roles at Rhapsody Networks (now Brocade), Sanrise (now EMC), Adaptec, and the United States Marine Corps.