In the latest release of SwiftStack, we are pleased to announce SwiftStack Cloud Sync Migrations. SwiftStack Migrations can move data from any source that supports the S3 or Swift API to your SwiftStack Cluster.

Let the infrastructure move the data

In data-intensive workloads with large data sets, it doesn’t make sense to have a single node or desktop client move the data! In a distributed architecture, and we can use the nodes in the cluster to our advantage. So in SwiftStack Migrations, we use the full-bandwidth of multiple nodes at the same time to move data across, rather than a single client or single node.

Single Namespace Enables Live Migrations

One of the unique capabilities of SwiftStack Cloud Sync is the ability to create a single namespace between data in the public cloud and data in a SwiftStack private cloud. This can be used to facilitate live migrations of applications.

Applications can be migrated even before all the data has finished migrating. Which is really cool – especially for large data sets that take some time to migrate. It drastically simplifies the application cut-over process.

You can actually see the migration unfold as it’s happening – check out the video below.

Get public S3 data into an on-premises filesystem

SwiftStack Migrations enables cloud data to be incorporated into on-premises workflows. When new data appears in a specified public cloud location, that data can be migrated on-premises and made available via SMB or NFS. Simple!

Migrate data from one SwiftStack Cluster to another SwiftStack cluster

We work with many customers who have field or satellite clusters that store data out-in the field or in remote locations. When this cluster is shipped back, or comes online, SwiftStack Migrations allow applications and users to immediately “see” the data in the cluster – all while the migration is happening to a primary data storage location.

Take a test-drive

Sign-up or contact us to take a test-drive of SwiftStack Cloud Sync Migrations!

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Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold

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