We are proud to introduce SwiftStack 1space for Multi-Cloud Data Management!

SwiftStack 1space enables a single object namespace between object storage locations. This enables application portability and freedom between clouds and on-premises. Additionally, 1space enables data lifecycling, migration and data protection capabilities between clouds. 

There are two components with 1space. First is a docker container that runs in the cloud to create a single namespace. Second are components that directly integrate with SwiftStack’s core storage offering to enable scale, durability and performance. 

When building 1space, we focused on the challenges that our customers faced managing data-intensive workflows. Many of SwiftStack’s cloud-scale customers are already using 1space today to manage the movement and placement of multi-petabyte workloads including eBay. 

  1. The first thing that 1space tackles is data lifecycling. What data lifecycling does is move data, based on policy (such as age), to another storage location. This enables an operator to use the public cloud as part of their pool of capacity. The single namespace is established so applications (or users) don’t need to change as data moves from one location to another.
  2. Next is live migration. Live migration is the act of taking an application and moving it from one cloud to another. With a single namespace, that means that application migration can be done *live*. This is super-challenging to pull off, but is *essential* for active applications with a large storage footprint.
  3. Cloud bursting is about leveraging either the native services in the cloud, or bursting up compute to do data processing in the public cloud. With a single namespace – this provides data *access* to on-premises data.
  4. Finally is data protection. 1space makes is simple to configure another cloud storage target for data protection. A copy of the data can be place in another cloud for additional data protection or disaster recovery. 

What is unique about 1space is how it is integrated with SwiftStack’s core storage. The same high availability and reliability built into SwiftStack is available with 1space. This means that policy execution is extremely reliable. The distributed architecture also enables high throughput data movement so data gets to where it needs to be quickly. 

We couldn’t be more excited about the freedom this enables for applications to span public / private clouds and between clouds. As always, head to to give SwiftStack a go. The team at SwiftStack is here to help enable your multi-cloud journey. 

To take a look at 1space connector in action: [4:47]

To dive deeper take a look at my talk at the OpenStack Summit last week: [40:13]

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Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold

Joe founded SwiftStack to enable multi-cloud data management and cloud storage infrastructure. He currently serves as the Chief Product Officer and President of SwiftStack.