The best products and services leverage their data to its fullest. Depending on the application or service, data is collected when and where it’s generated. Media is generated on the production site, IoT data near its infrastructure, Research data near the instruments, etc. Getting that data to the public cloud enables further data processing, machine learning or distribution.

It’s in these workflows that we want to collect a *lot* of data, but we may not want to move all the data to a compute-intensive location like the public cloud. This is why we have introduced metadata tagging with SwiftStack 1space.

With SwiftStack 1space, we can create a set of tags that will trigger data movement between on-premises and public cloud storage resources.

Take a look at metadata tagging with SwiftStack 1space in action!

This new metadata tagging functionality with SwiftStack 1space greatly complements the metadata tagging and search capability to enable a lot of power for data management with the SwiftStack Client, or other API-driven applications. 

With 1space metadata, now even more automation can be driven into data-intensive workflows. Data can connect to the cloud for further data processing or serving in the public cloud. As the size of data sets continue to grow, automation and metadata tagging becomes increasingly important to maintain order across these large data sets. Now, that same metadata can drive data placement and policy. 

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Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold

Joe founded SwiftStack to enable multi-cloud data management and cloud storage infrastructure. He currently serves as the Chief Product Officer and President of SwiftStack.