Multi-region SwiftStack deployments with OpenStack Swift offer big advantages to keep data online utilizing multiple data centers. I met up with John Dickinson, the Swift Project Technical Lead and Dir. of Technology at SwiftStack to discuss the options for multi data center configurations.

There are 4 basic configuration options. Two using replicas and two using erasure encoding strategies.

  • Replicas: Algorithmic Placement
  • Replicas: Deterministic Placement
  • EC: In-Region Rebuild
  • EC: Capacity Optimized

All of these policies can be utilized within the same cluster on the same hardware. So different data sets can utilize different policies depending on the use case. Additionally, SwiftStack integrates with the public cloud with our 1space product capabilities.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the team at SwiftStack. Enjoy the video!

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Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold

Joe founded SwiftStack to enable multi-cloud data management and cloud storage infrastructure. He currently serves as the Chief Product Officer and President of SwiftStack.