With the release of Splunk Enterprise 7.3, Splunk’s data optimization feature, SmartStore, can now deliver infrastructure efficiencies and cost savings to Splunk environments which utilize Splunk Premium Solutions, most notably, Splunk Enterprise Security (ES). SwiftStack participated in the early testing program for Splunk Enterprise 7.3 and found the release to be both robust and high-performing.

The SmartStore enhancements in 7.3 are especially compelling for large Splunk shops, ie, those who ingest and retain hundred’s of GB’s or even TB’s of data per day, and who commonly use ES and other premium applications in the Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC). We’ve spoken to numerous Splunk shops that are planning to increase Splunk usage by many orders of magnitude, resulting in much more data to store and manage. For those organizations, deploying and running Splunk at-scale has become significantly easier and less costly with Splunk Enterprise 7.3 with SmartStore.

SwiftStack scale-out storage is fully compatible with Splunk Enterprise 7.3 with SmartStore, and can be constructed in the same software-defined fashion as the Splunk Indexers to maximize operational flexibility.

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