While Marc Andreessen’s famous declaration from 2011, “software is eating the world”, certainly holds true today, a further enhancement is necessary: “yes, but it’s data that is changing the world”. This is evident in every aspect of our business and personal lives as data reshapes industries from medicine to retail to transportation to public safety. Organizations that harness and leverage data to their advantage will thrive. Others…will have trouble.

For SwiftStack, Cisco Live 2019 is all about how our partnership with Cisco enables companies, governments, schools – really, all entities – to do more with their data, while solving the common challenges of cost, scale, and management. Visit us in booth #2334 to  discuss what “doing more with data” means in your world, and how Cisco & SwiftStack can support your data-driven initiatives. We’ll be happy to relay the stories of how other organizations are already down this path.

SwiftStack is strategically aligned with Cisco around 3 solutions where data is front-and-center, and we have exciting developments to share in each area.


SwiftStack and Cisco engineers have created a Cisco Validated Design (or “CVD) for Splunk Enterprise with SmartStore. While we’ve frequently written about SwiftStack’s compatibility with SmartStore and its importance to fast-growing Splunk shops, the CVD expands on the total solution offering in several important ways.

Since Splunk SmartStore allows compute and storage to be decoupled, the CVD architecture uses Cisco HyperFlex (all Flash) for compute and short-term storage, and SwiftStack running on the Cisco UCS S3260 (SAS HDD’s) for long-term storage. Each tier can be configured and scaled independently, so Splunk Architects can build infrastructure that is both more flexible and less costly – a powerful one-two punch.

The CVD is an end-to-end reference stack for Splunk Enterprise that is fully-documented, stress-tested, and supported by SwiftStack and Cisco.


This is one of the hottest conversation topics in IT and across the business world, but beyond talk, we’re seeing funded projects and production deployments. Most users, though, want a defined path to AI/ML success, so refer to my colleague, Shailesh Manjrekar’s blog on a reference design featuring the Cisco UCS C480ML GPU platform and SwiftStack-on-UCS storage.

Of course, for AI/ML technology to deliver value, the models require data – and lots of it. SwiftStack’s role is to feed the GPU’s with data at wire-speed across distributed resources so training models can run at peak efficiency. In Shailesh’s blog, you’ll find information on a research note penned by IDC, which includes one specific statement I’ll highlight:

“…SwiftStack’s multi-cloud data management solution is the first of its kind in the industry and effectively handles storage I/O challenges faced by edge-to-core-to-cloud, large-scale AI/ML data pipelines.” -IDC

Data Protection

Massive volumes of data generated by Analytics and AI/ML workflows dictates a sound strategy for protecting that data, which leads to SwiftStack & Cisco’s partnership with Veeam. Veeam, as most know, has long been the leader in Virtualized Data Protection and is one of Cisco’s top partners in the Data Center space. Most recently, Veeam has made its products “cloud-ready”, including the release of a feature called Cloud Tier.

SwiftStack worked with Veeam to validate our S3-compatible storage with Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 update 4 and Cloud Tier, and Erik Pounds walks through those developments in his blog from the VeeamON conference. Further, SwiftStack achieved Veeam Ready status through test suites run on Cisco UCS infrastructure.

That’s it, a round-up of the 3 solutions SwiftStack is featuring at Cisco Live 2019. We hope to see you in San Diego, June 10 – 13. If you’re not attending the event, you can always reach out to us to discuss the topics in this blog: Good luck with all your data-centric endeavors!

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Greg Govatos

Greg Govatos

Greg Govatos is the VP of Strategic Partnerships for SwiftStack.