There is much to like about cloud storage, but even as the pace of cloud storage growth continues to accelerate (especially hybrid cloud), one of the most common hurdles we see is the potential disruption of business workflows during the transition away from file-based applications and the migration off of NAS-based storage architectures.  Without a doubt, this transition is getting easier (e.g., thousands of applications—like Splunk and Veeam—have modernized to leverage cloud storage directly), but there will be hundreds of legacy file-based applications and thousands of petabytes of cold data sitting on expensive NAS systems for years to come, which sets the stage for the SwiftStack and InfiniteIO solution we announced jointly today.

You may ask, what if there was a way to optimize data storage cost and performance while simplifying the enterprise journey to the cloud—without changing existing IT workflows or operations?  The integrated solution from InfiniteIO and SwiftStack makes this possible.

Solution to Migrate Cold Data Off NAS to Cloud Storage

InfiniteIO was one of the inaugural members of our Technology Partner Program, and while we are just now announcing our formal partnership, we have been working together for years in joint customer deployments (e.g., in animation studios and life sciences research environments).  And now, with the joint value already confirmed by our customers, we are working even more closely to align roadmap features and expand the ways in which this joint solution can benefit even more users.

InfiniteIO Tiering from NAS to SwiftStack

InfiniteIO offloads metadata requests and migrates cold data from existing NAS to SwiftStack, while making files appear and perform as though they are still on primary storage.


Described briefly, the solution looks like this:  Without changing a thing on your existing NAS or clients (not even a mount point!), you insert InfiniteIO in your network—just like a network switch or router.  In passive mode, it can monitor your file data operations and scan your NAS system to give you insights into possible savings and optimizations, and when you want to realize these savings, active mode begins to transparently migrate cold data (according to business policies you set) to your SwiftStack cloud storage platform.  Statistics show that most enterprise data is inactive (cold), so customers can achieve massive file storage cost savings through these automatic, continuous, and policy-based migration of inactive data from NAS to SwiftStack using InfiniteIO. All files migrated to SwiftStack appear as though they reside on primary storage to enable transparent file access to end-users regardless of physical location. 

Not only that, but an average of 70-90% of NAS operations come from file metadata requests, which causes NAS performance to slow down as data grows, but InfiniteIO off-loads metadata operations from NAS to its own memory-based cache and can thereby improve metadata performance by over 10x!

Key Benefits:

  • Reclaims tier-1 NAS capacity
  • Instantly tiers to cost-optimal storage
  • Provides transparent file access
  • Unifies the file and object storage pool
  • Scales to billions of files
  • Ensures all-flash performance for all files

Bottom line, it is InfiniteIO and SwiftStack’s assumption that every organization is moving to a multi-cloud reality. Through the use of our intellectual property and strategic partnerships, we have a vision that data should be easily managed across on-premises infrastructure and clouds and made available to applications regardless of where they are executing.  Just like SwiftStack 1space facilitates transparent data placement and management across cloud storage, InfiniteIO’s policy-based control of data placement across NAS and SwiftStack Storage is transparent to applications and enables optimizations around performance, cost, and data durability.

Visit to learn more; download the Solution Brief; and check out the ROI Calculator to see how much you could save today!  And, of course, please contact us if you have any questions.

Download the Infinite Insight hybrid cloud storage assessment tool to quickly identify hidden, cold data in your real-world environment and visualize opportunities to save up to 80% in storage costs.

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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson is the Vice President of Solutions at SwiftStack and leads the technical arm of the sales organization—including both the technical sales team of Solutions Architects and a Solutions Engineering team focused on developing and demonstrating integrations of SwiftStack software with third-party products and common industry workflows. Prior to joining SwiftStack, he spent several years leading sales engineering teams in storage software companies after spending over 10 years in a variety of storage product design and development roles at Sun Microsystems. Chris holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering, summa cum laude, from Kettering University and an M.S. in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University.