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SwiftStack and Cisco Make it Easy to Succeed with Enterprise Cloud Storage

We are very pleased to announce that building on 4 quarters of SwiftStack availability on the Cisco global price list, customers can now have even more confidence in choosing Cisco as their supplier of hybrid cloud storage software. Why? These three recent major factors which in combination are unique to SwiftStack on Cisco UCS: Cisco […]

Gartner Research Recognizes SwiftStack as a Visionary Company

Proud to be recognized as a visionary As you can see in the media, analysis of Gartner’s latest analysis on the distributed filesystem and object storage category began within 30 hours of the research being published. SwiftStack will issue a press release on this research once we get approval back from Gartner, but in the […]

CIO Q&A with a Pharmaceutical Perspective

In the months since joining SwiftStack as an advisor, Bill Louv has helped give us insights into the role that object storage is playing in Life Sciences and Research. While picking his brain, he shared thoughtful answers to many of my questions. Shared here are a few of those answers: Q: Among CIOs in Pharma, […]

SwiftStack at Veritas Vision 2016

This week, SwiftStack is demonstrating object storage capabilities at Veritas Vision 2016, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 12-14. Show attendees who stop by the SwiftStack booth 113 can see a demonstration with the NetBackup 8.0 beta and learn about the benefits of private storage clouds built with scale-out object storage. SwiftStack Object Storage […]

SwiftStack Announces Collaboration with Cisco

SwiftStack, valued for providing the benefits of public cloud storage behind enterprise firewalls, today at Cisco Live announced it is collaborating with Cisco to further deliver a turnkey enterprise cloud solution that enables customers to innovate faster, and respond to market opportunities with start-up speed and enterprise reliability. The integration of SwiftStack 4.0 with Cisco […]

Sessions You Can’t Miss at OpenStack Summit Austin!

The OpenStack Summit in Austin is coming up quickly and there is so much to be excited about.  Passes are available until April 24th, so be sure to register today! There are a number of can’t miss sessions to put on your calendar. We’d love to see you at the following Swift sessions: SwiftStack Sessions […]

The many ways Storage touches life science research

I had the opportunity to gain new perspective on how research institutes are gaining ground on cures for disease and cancer while attending the AIRI annual meeting in Washington DC. I have always been fascinated with the science of genomics and biochemistry, and it is easy to see the role this research plays in finding […]

Welcome to the Advisory Board, Jay Kidd!

Did you hear? Storage Industry luminary Jay Kidd has joined the SwiftStack Advisory Board (Read Press Release here)! Why are we so excited about this? Well, Jay has played a crucial role in the success of multiple top-players in the industry – NetApp (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer), Brocade (Chief Technology Officer and […]

Freedom of Choice = Massive Savings

It’s a fact that SwiftStack Object Storage delivers significant savings. For example, a two-site deployment can save nearly 50% over three years compared to scale-out NAS. Other object storage solutions have high acquisition costs and only start to payback on TCO at very large scale. However, with SwiftStack, the savings start from the beginning — […]

Two Datacenters for the Price of One

Two weeks ago, I showed how customers can get nearly 3x the capacity with SwiftStack Object Storage for the same price as a 100TB usable scale-out NAS solution. I received a bunch of great questions and a theme emerged — customers are asking what the value profile looks like for a multi-site deployment. So, I […]

Show Me the Numbers!

Object storage vendors are all saying they can save you 80% vs traditional storage. But do any of them show you the real numbers? Not really. That’s why I wrote this post — to discuss the actual savings potential with object storage. Sources of Savings Object storage definitely provides a significant reduction in total cost […]

NoSQL is No Problem With the Right Backup

Well, I say “no problem” in the context of my past life as an IT guy. Any issue with a database has never been operator error, but rather the finger has always pointed to infrastructure as the problem.  Naturally, garbage in can cause a problem, and no matter the root cause, reliable backup and recovery […]