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SwiftStack 2016 Blogger Program

Bloggers Test Drive SwiftStack for Charity Storage has traditionally been a technology that could only be first experienced in presentation slides, given the logistical challenges of transporting large heavy boxes. Remote testing of hardware cannot give the same experience, and the logistics of getting a VPN into a full environment shared among many can be […]

Using Swift for the rest of us

Contributed by Dirk Petersen, Scientific Computing Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Today the OpenStack Swift API is widely used, and developers enjoy how easy and fast they can interact with stored objects. If you have ever tried to pull a listing of 100,000 files from a Posix filesystem via NFS,  you are pleasantly surprised […]

Top 3 Reasons SwiftStack Changes the OPEX Equation

Over the last few weeks, I highlighted the significant savings SwiftStack Object Storage delivers on CAPEX. However, CAPEX is only one piece of the TCO pie and nearly 60% can be attributed to owning, operating, and managing the storage infrastructure (OPEX). When looking at OPEX models for traditional storage, the big guys like to say […]

OpenStack Summit Tokyo: Sessions You Just Can’t Miss!

Get your tickets today for the October 2015 OpenStack Summit! Sign up today and join us in Tokyo! The semi-annual OpenStack Summit is almost here and there is plenty to get excited about. A trip to Japan, a gathering of the top minds in Open Source, and a full calendar of exciting activities. There are […]

When Trove Meets Swift

This post was written by Tesora CEO, Ken Rugg It’s no secret that data in the enterprise is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Whether this is coming from logging data from enterprise business applications and other computer systems, tracking human and machine interactions, information mined from the internet or more recently the influx of sensor […]

Storing Sports Footage Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

SwiftStack is helping sports video professionals realize the power of active archive. Our recent sponsorship of the Sports Video Group is a step forward in bringing SwiftStack’s new breed of object storage to the Media and Entertainment industry. SwiftStack’s solution is powered by OpenStack Swift, offering a unique controller and freedom of choice for genuine […]

Cast Your Vote! OpenStack Tokyo Summit 2015 Presentations on Swift

Do you want a say in which presentations you’ll see at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo? Don’t wait! Cast your vote today for these Swift-oriented sessions. Community voting ends July 30th at 11:59 PM PT. Only a handful of these presentations can make the cut, so voting is a must for all who look forward […]

Infrastructure Doesn’t Need to be a Pain

In a previous post I took a selfish opportunity to release some personal emotion specific to the way storage growth is often characterized in the data center. That felt great! So, it got me thinking of another pent-up discomfort I have stemming from another mischaracterization that is unnecessarily applied to IT infrastructure. CIOs don’t need […]

Object Storage vs. Block Storage: Which Is Right for Your OpenStack Cloud?

cross-posted from The Solidfire Blog When it comes to OpenStack, choosing the right storage for your cloud can be the hardest part of building out your environment. Every storage vendor has its own merits. Some excel in particular use cases, but maybe those use cases don’t match your reasons for deploying an OpenStack cloud. Maybe […]

OpenStack Swift Hackathon

What a great week. We just wrapped up an OpenStack Swift hackathon (called a “mid-cycle” in other places) this week. It’s a chance to get the global Swift contributor community together in the same place to focus on design, reviews, features, and issues. With attendees from 5 countries and participation from 8 companies (SwiftStack, Rackspace, […]

Storage Trends in 2015: Death of the Disk, and the Importance of Agility

This is a guest post to the SwiftStack blog authored by Dave Wright, the CEO and founder of SolidFire. Last year, we saw the continued transformation of enterprise IT infrastructure towards the next-generation data center model. Fuelled by advances in compute, network and storage virtualization, businesses are seeing the advantages of scalable infrastructure that can respond […]

OpenStackSV: Dress Rehearsal for Paris

It’s certainly been a very interesting year so far for OpenStack and supporting companies. Acquisitions have been a clear sign from enterprise technology leaders that they aren’t messing around. OpenStack is a key part of their strategy and they are taking on the expertise to carry it forward. Congratulations to the companies and their new homes! These moves by leaders like IBM, HP, Cisco, VMware, Oracle, Red Hat—coupled with OpenStack startups rapid growth and funding announcements, are all signs of OpenStack becoming the standard for Cloud.