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Simplify your backup environments with private cloud storage…now available for Veritas NetBackup

When a product makes it onto a compatibility list, it’s often not that interesting. Spending a majority of my career working on data protection solutions, this one is. Why? Because leading backup platforms, like Veritas NetBackup, now support object storage through the S3 and Swift APIs. The product I worked on for over 7 years […]

World Backup Day and the History of Storage

I’ve been working on solutions to help people protect valuable data for my entire career. The unfortunate thing about data protection is that most do not put a solid strategy in place until after they’ve experienced a major data loss event. I’m not just talking about consumers who lost pictures of their kids or songs […]

Ceph vs Swift…not a rivalry

A few years ago, I kept hearing casual conversations about Ceph vs Swift. “Ceph’s going to win out and Swift will fade.” “Ceph cannot be used to scale out cloud storage.” Some called it a rivalry. I found it funny considering very few enterprises were actually using either. Last time I checked, it’s a rivalry […]

Hardware Appliances or Software? The difference is real.

My first SwiftStack post…yeah!!! It’s great to be a member of the SwiftStack team. I’m looking forward to getting to know you… our users, customers, and partners and further help you with your data storage challenges. For IT infrastructure, we’re at an interesting point where you now have a choice of how you want to […]

Five years working on Swift

It’s been an incredible five years working on Swift! I’ve seen both the community and the project grow and mature in that time, and I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together. Below we’ve got an infographic with some of the important features that have been added to the project. Every single […]

Two tracks Live from the Budokan (Tokyo)

Dozens of artist have recorded albums while performing in Tokyo. I took the chance to lay down a few tracks of my own with friends from SwiftStack in the garden within the OpenStack Summit complex. Swift happenings at OpenStack Summit in Tokyo John Dickinson (OpenStack Swift Project Technical Lead) and I preview the highlights before […]

The many ways Storage touches life science research

I had the opportunity to gain new perspective on how research institutes are gaining ground on cures for disease and cancer while attending the AIRI annual meeting in Washington DC. I have always been fascinated with the science of genomics and biochemistry, and it is easy to see the role this research plays in finding […]

Welcome to the Advisory Board, Jay Kidd!

Did you hear? Storage Industry luminary Jay Kidd has joined the SwiftStack Advisory Board (Read Press Release here)! Why are we so excited about this? Well, Jay has played a crucial role in the success of multiple top-players in the industry – NetApp (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer), Brocade (Chief Technology Officer and […]

OpenStack Summit Tokyo: Sessions You Just Can’t Miss!

Get your tickets today for the October 2015 OpenStack Summit! Sign up today and join us in Tokyo! The semi-annual OpenStack Summit is almost here and there is plenty to get excited about. A trip to Japan, a gathering of the top minds in Open Source, and a full calendar of exciting activities. There are […]

When Trove Meets Swift

This post was written by Tesora CEO, Ken Rugg It’s no secret that data in the enterprise is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Whether this is coming from logging data from enterprise business applications and other computer systems, tracking human and machine interactions, information mined from the internet or more recently the influx of sensor […]

Often times, Boring is Better

Like any utility that we have become accustomed to, we expect it be “always on”. Just look at the frustration that occurs today when someone is not getting 4G data on their mobile phone. It’s ironic that the gold-standard analogy for a utility had been the reliable dial tone after picking up a landline telephone […]

Infrastructure Doesn’t Need to be a Pain

In a previous post I took a selfish opportunity to release some personal emotion specific to the way storage growth is often characterized in the data center. That felt great! So, it got me thinking of another pent-up discomfort I have stemming from another mischaracterization that is unnecessarily applied to IT infrastructure. CIOs don’t need […]