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If You Love Backup, Don’t Hate Object

*This piece was originally published by Data Center Knowledge on July 7th, 2015 Love, like beauty, is most often in the eye of the beholder. Backup is about as low as it gets on the glamor scale in IT architecture and operations. Most take backup for granted.  For the few who are responsible for recovering from […]

Storage Doesn’t Need to Be a Disaster

Maybe it is just me, but has anyone else grown weary of the relentless use of violent verbs and disaster analogies describing data storage in the data center? Data has been “exploding” for several decades now, since the beginning of client-server architectures. Tsunamis and avalanches abound, and the crushing force of data growth is meant […]

SwiftStack @ Bio-IT World 2015

We were really excited to go to Boston for Bio-IT World 2015 this year. We arrived ready to participate in some great sessions with the guys from HudsonAlpha and Fred Hutch and to premiere our brand new book, Object Storage for Genomics. We were also excited to show members of the Life Sciences community that […]

Erasure Codes Now a Part of OpenStack Kilo

Today’s OpenStack Kilo release includes a significant new feature in Swift: Swift now supports Erasure Codes, in addition to Replicas, as a way to do data durability, ensuring that data will not be permanently lost or corrupted. Why are Erasure Codes important? In any storage system, the way to get durability is to store more […]

Behind the Scenes: “Under the Hood” with Erasure Codes

This week we’re keeping things simple…in writing, anyways. We’re going to let our video feature on Erasure Codes speak for itself. In this video, Clay Gerrard, a Sr. Software Engineer here at SwiftStack (and Core OpenStack Swift contributor) goes “under the hood” and breaks down Erasure Codes for us. But before we get to the […]

Book Announcement: Genomics + Object Storage Like Peas in a Pod

Genomics has come a long way since the days of friars experimenting with vegetables. Genomics research is now a field driven by technology. Discovery is limited by the ability to make sense of the vast amounts of scientific data. Not in producing it. Today I’m proud to announce the publication of a new book, Object […]

What I Saw at NAB2015… M&E Uses Cloud

Eager to get to Las Vegas on Tuesday for the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB), engine trouble and many hours of waiting at SFO made for a different form of entertainment for a group trying to get to the show. I finally did make it in time to mingle at an afterparty with folks […]

Bio-IT World Conference…Are you going?

We’re super excited about next week’s Bio-IT World Conference (register here). There will be 3,000+ IT experts from over 32 countries converging on Boston, looking for cutting edge technologies that will take BioMed research and drug development even further. The innovations made in genome sequencing technology are generating enormous amount of data.  For example, your […]

Building a Startup “on” OpenStack

Alex Freeland posted a positive article on TechCrunch with his commentary on the negative views stemming from early failed ventures in the OpenStack ecosystem. Mirantis is a SwiftStack partner and leader in the OpenStack community. While sometimes controversial, Alex and team are a sharp example of what keeps commercial customers of open source coming back […]

Behind the Scenes: Erasure Codes – Huge Community Effort

Erasure codes provide tremendous hardware footprint savings. Developing erasure codes is a huge feature for Swift. It was also a huge collaboration effort for the open source community. Let’s take an inside look at the collaborative effort behind Erasure Codes in Swift! John Dickinson, the Project Technical Lead for Swift at SwiftStack, has been leading […]

DIY is not for Everyone, but Flexibility is

Yesterday, hard drive manufacturer HGST announced its SA700 Active Archive System. At the foundation of any storage cloud are hard drives, lots of them. Both Seagate and HGST products today serve to store data in OpenStack Swift, the engine that powers the world’s largest storage clouds. It is great to see that object storage systems […]

A Managed Service Provider’s Journey to Software-Defined Storage

I recently received a call from an Infrastructure Architect at a mid-sized reseller/integrator on the East Coast. They have traditional VAR and MSP lines of business, focused primarily on EMC, Cisco, and VMware. This company’s inquiry to SwiftStack was related to their MSP offerings. One of their core managed services consists of building and operating […]