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Object Storage vs. Block Storage: Which Is Right for Your OpenStack Cloud?

cross-posted from The Solidfire Blog When it comes to OpenStack, choosing the right storage for your cloud can be the hardest part of building out your environment. Every storage vendor has its own merits. Some excel in particular use cases, but maybe those use cases don’t match your reasons for deploying an OpenStack cloud. Maybe […]

Silicon Mechanics + SwiftStack = Enterprise Storage Love

The storage industry is full of relationships, and for good reason: when multiple vendors team up to bring their combined services to customers, it’s a win-win-win for all stakeholders involved. At SwiftStack we get this, so it should come as no surprise that when we’ve got a good relationship going, we work hard to build and strengthen it.

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Why cloud computing is a game changer for the gaming industry
Heidi Dethloff, Forbes

Our adoration for video games is unwavering. However, when we’re gaming from our desks, our couches and our beds, the last thing we’re considering is how cloud applications are making our game of Halo possible. Well, for us to play congruently with thousands of players, cloud storage is necessary to make our game seamless and glitchless.

Joe Arnold on Storage for the Internet of Things at VentureBeat

In a recent article for VentureBeat, Joe outlines how the Internet of Things movement has affected the storage industry, and what businesses across industries need to know:

As internet-connected devices continue to increase in popularity, IoT companies are facing an entirely data-storage dynamic. Consumer data is pouring in, and it’s not just within the enterprise anymore: now, even consumer-facing companies—like Nest, Jawbone and more—are finding hoards of consumer data at their fingertips. IDC predicts over 212 billion connected “things” by 2020 with revenues reaching $6.2 trillion by 2025.

Thanks CRN and Business Intelligence Awards!

In cloud storage land, we don’t have the Super Bowl. Or the Heisman Trophy. We work behind the scenes — backend IT, making operations run efficiently and data retrievable in any situation. We have our own touch down every day when our customers tell us how pleased they are with their SwiftStack deployment. But alas, no Super Bowl rings to wear proudly on our knuckles.

OK, I’ll stop with the corny analogy and just say how happy we are about being recognized. We had two of those end zone dance moments in the past month.

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OpenStack: 4 years on, still going strong
Ram Lakshminarayanan, ZDNet

The throne only gets better with age. So does OpenStack. A very crisp rundown of the different components of the platform and how they run. Both the throne and OpenStack are powerful tools for running a kingdom, of sorts.

Come Join #SwiftStack at the #FlashMem Summit 2014 This Week!

For three days at the 2014 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, storage experts will unite to discuss how storage needs continue to evolve and how to develop new products using flash storage. We’re super excited to be a part of the cloud storage discussion this year!

Flash Memory Summit? Tell us more!

Flesh memory is a key technology enabling many products in the consumer, computer, and enterprise markets, such as USB sticks and solid-state hard drives, and the Flash Memory Summit is the place to hear all about the newest innovations surrounding #flashmem!

What will SwiftStack be discussing?

Joe will be joining four other panelists to discuss how flash, object storage and software-defined storage are playing together in the cloud.

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The Critical Role of Archiving Systems
Jon Toigo, TechTarget

As data growth continues to explode and IT budgets stay modest, exploring capacity utilization efficiency becomes increasingly important. To properly do this, revisiting archiving data might just be a solution. Object storage’s approach is compatible to archive large amounts of storage, especially for the broadcast and media markets.

Tales From an Enterprise Storage Veteran, Part 3: The Datacenter of Our Dreams

As storage in enterprise has gone beyond petabyte scale, traditional management practices in private-cloud environments–e.g. backup and service windows–no longer work. The expectation is that everything you store needs always-on availability from any device, anywhere and through any application. That’s a tall order when it’s not a simple task to fire up an array, integrate it with your existing infrastructure, and make it work with all applications.

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Gateways to the Clouds Forbes, Tom Coughlin Good descriptive article about Cloud “gateway” appliances. I urge customers to calculate the TCO of a gateway appliance versus the price of software-defined gateways connected to an underlying robust object storage infrastructure. You might be surprised to find the price of a private cloud to be much less […]

Tales From an Enterprise Storage Veteran, Part 2: Did Legacy Storage Business Models Ever Make Sense?

guest post by Dave Roberson In Part 1 we talked about user dissatisfaction with enterprise storage—today we’re going to look at how legacy storage vendors have contributed to that problem. There is a lot to be excited about with the new technology for software defined storage delivered by SwiftStack. But as a veteran with decades in the […]

Tales From an Enterprise Storage Veteran, Part 1: Where Is the Love?

guest post by Dave Roberson On one hand, the “consumerization of IT” is both a vague and somewhat tired trend. Yet it’s a reality that keeps finding its way into new areas of business technology, from social features in our workplace software to heightened usability expectations for mobile and desktop alike. For better or worse, […]