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Check out what’s new in Swift 2.20.0

I’m happy to announce that Swift 2.20.0 is now available. This release includes many improvements, but the bulk of the updates are in three key areas: S3 compatibility, encryption, and performance/optimization. I’ve written about it on the OpenStack Superuser site, so please check that out. You can get the latest version of Swift in the […]

Ann Arbor Leadership Training Summary

Last week I was privileged to attend the ZingTrain leadership training class sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation. There were two days of formal training and a third unstructured day for the group to discuss how the lessons apply in the OpenStack community.   ZingTrain is one of the many businesses in the Zingermans Community of […]

What’s going on in Swift?

We’ve come home from another great Swift midcycle hackathon. We’ve released 2.10.0. We’re getting ready for the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of the review queue and what our respective employers are building on, around, and with Swift. What’s the bigger picture, though? What can we expect […]

Cast Your Vote! OpenStack Barcelona Summit 2016 Presentations on Swift

The OpenStack Summit in Barcelona is coming up! Would you like to have a say in which presentations you’ll be seeing? Cast your vote today for these Swift-oriented sessions. Community voting ends Monday, August 8th at 11:59pm PDT. Only a handful of these presentations can make the cut, and community votes are the top factor in […]

At-Rest Encryption in OpenStack Swift

On July 1, the OpenStack Swift community completed the at-rest data encryption feature for Swift. I’d like to go over what this feature does, what it protects against, how it works, and where it should be used. At-rest encryption in Swift encrypts all object data, object etags, and any user metadata values set on objects. […]

Sessions You Can’t Miss at OpenStack Summit Austin!

The OpenStack Summit in Austin is coming up quickly and there is so much to be excited about.  Passes are available until April 24th, so be sure to register today! There are a number of can’t miss sessions to put on your calendar. We’d love to see you at the following Swift sessions: SwiftStack Sessions […]

Cast Your Vote! OpenStack Austin Summit 2016 Presentations on Swift

 The OpenStack Summit in Austin is coming up! Would you like to have a say in which presentations you’ll be seeing? Cast your vote today for these Swift-oriented sessions. Don’t wait! Community voting ends February 17th at 11:59pm PST. Only a handful of these presentations can make the cut, so voting is a must for […]

Five years working on Swift

It’s been an incredible five years working on Swift! I’ve seen both the community and the project grow and mature in that time, and I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together. Below we’ve got an infographic with some of the important features that have been added to the project. Every single […]

Using Swift for the rest of us

Contributed by Dirk Petersen, Scientific Computing Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Today the OpenStack Swift API is widely used, and developers enjoy how easy and fast they can interact with stored objects. If you have ever tried to pull a listing of 100,000 files from a Posix filesystem via NFS,  you are pleasantly surprised […]

Two tracks Live from the Budokan (Tokyo)

Dozens of artist have recorded albums while performing in Tokyo. I took the chance to lay down a few tracks of my own with friends from SwiftStack in the garden within the OpenStack Summit complex. Swift happenings at OpenStack Summit in Tokyo John Dickinson (OpenStack Swift Project Technical Lead) and I preview the highlights before […]

OpenStack Summit Tokyo: Sessions You Just Can’t Miss!

Get your tickets today for the October 2015 OpenStack Summit! Sign up today and join us in Tokyo! The semi-annual OpenStack Summit is almost here and there is plenty to get excited about. A trip to Japan, a gathering of the top minds in Open Source, and a full calendar of exciting activities. There are […]

OpenStack Swift Hackathon – August 2015

Swift developers work for different companies and live all over the world. Every so often, we get together for a few days of design, coding, and fun. Last week IBM hosted our hackathon in Austin, Texas. We had 27 people from 9 different companies (and 5 countries) attend. We’re contributors to a common project, but […]