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Five Years of Swift

Five years ago, I was on a development team at Rackspace, and we had just finished creating a storage engine we called Swift. We had just put it into production, and the plans were in motion to open source it as one of the two founding projects in OpenStack. A lot has happened since then, […]

Cast Your Vote! OpenStack Tokyo Summit 2015 Presentations on Swift

Do you want a say in which presentations you’ll see at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo? Don’t wait! Cast your vote today for these Swift-oriented sessions. Community voting ends July 30th at 11:59 PM PT. Only a handful of these presentations can make the cut, so voting is a must for all who look forward […]

What It Takes To Pack A Room

Have you noticed how difficult it is to get an IT professional to a technical seminar these days? A series of emails followed by calls from the Inside Sales team may generate 20 registrants and 10 attendees. I recently spoke to an IT Director who says he receives a “dozen or more” such invitations per […]

Happy Birthday Swift!

At the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver we were happy to celebrate a very important birthday: OpenStack Swift turned FIVE! Needless to say, we wanted to celebrate the milestone. But even more, we wanted to celebrate the amazing work put in by Swift contributors all over the world; the ones who keep developing Swift 24/7. So […]

The Customers Have the Mic

The OpenStack Summit in Vancouver is less than a week away, and we’ve got our team working around the clock to bring you the latest from SwiftStack and OpenStack Swift in some great sessions! We’re also excited to be highlighting some of our customers throughout the event, both at our booth and in sessions. We’re […]

Erasure Codes Now a Part of OpenStack Kilo

Today’s OpenStack Kilo release includes a significant new feature in Swift: Swift now supports Erasure Codes, in addition to Replicas, as a way to do data durability, ensuring that data will not be permanently lost or corrupted. Why are Erasure Codes important? In any storage system, the way to get durability is to store more […]

Book Announcement: Genomics + Object Storage Like Peas in a Pod

Genomics has come a long way since the days of friars experimenting with vegetables. Genomics research is now a field driven by technology. Discovery is limited by the ability to make sense of the vast amounts of scientific data. Not in producing it. Today I’m proud to announce the publication of a new book, Object […]

Conserving energy with OpenStack Swift

In a recent column, my longtime friend George Crump at Storage Switzerland contrasted the effort involved in building a DIY storage infrastructure with OpenStack Swift to the ease of using SwiftStack. While the names OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack are similar, the process of getting to the point where you can start using object storage is […]

Register for the May 2015 OpenStack Summit – Sessions You Just Can’t Miss!

  Get your tickets today for the May 2015 OpenStack Summit! Early bird passes are available until March 31, so sign up today and save money on your registration.  The semi-annual OpenStack Summits are the premiere destination events for OpenStack professionals. The five-day conference brings together all the top supporters for a true meeting of […]

Cast Your Vote! OpenStack Summit 2015 Presentations on Swift

Are you ready to participate in the democratic process of helping to choose the OpenStack presentations you most want to hear? Don’t wait! Cast your vote today for these Swift-oriented sessions. Community voting ends Monday, February 23 at 5:00 PM CT. Only a handful of these presentations can make the cut, so voting is a […]

OpenStack Swift Hackathon

What a great week. We just wrapped up an OpenStack Swift hackathon (called a “mid-cycle” in other places) this week. It’s a chance to get the global Swift contributor community together in the same place to focus on design, reviews, features, and issues. With attendees from 5 countries and participation from 8 companies (SwiftStack, Rackspace, […]

Powering Storage Agility for the Media and Entertainment Industry

The Media and Entertainment industry is one with unique storage related challenges. Today, more than ever, huge volumes of content must be stored—then consequently delivered efficiently and cost effectively through specialized workflows. Those workflows must remain agile while keeping pace with a massive explosion of data and the pressures to do more with less. This […]