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Swift 2.2.2 Release

I’m happy to announce that yesterday we released Swift 2.2.2. (Yes, that’s 2.2.2 on 2/2.) This release has a few very important features that came directly from production clusters. I recommend that you upgrade so you can take advantage of the new goodness. As always, you can upgrade to this version of Swift with zero […]

Swift Feature Highlight – TempURLs

OpenStack Swift is great for large amounts of data that comes from–and is used by–many, many clients. Think about uploading photos from phones or playing online games or downloading software updates. These use cases require instant access to data and massive concurrency. Swift is tailor-made for these use cases, but there’s often one small detail […]

Storage Trends in 2015: Death of the Disk, and the Importance of Agility

This is a guest post to the SwiftStack blog authored by Dave Wright, the CEO and founder of SolidFire. Last year, we saw the continued transformation of enterprise IT infrastructure towards the next-generation data center model. Fuelled by advances in compute, network and storage virtualization, businesses are seeing the advantages of scalable infrastructure that can respond […]

Linux Conf Australia 2015

Linux Conf Australia (LCA) is one of my favorite conferences in the year. It’s full of strong technical content, interesting people, stimulating ideas, and overall a very relaxing and energizing event. One of the hallmarks of LCA is that it is volunteer-run and keynotes are invited, not purchased. Each time I’ve gone to LCA, I’ve […]

5 Reasons to Use Object Storage Instead of NAS for Private Clouds

There’s no disputing it: object storage powers, scales and enables some of the largest public cloud deployments around the globe. As it becomes even more valuable, object storage in the cloud era is becoming akin to network-attached storage (NAS) in the client-server era. But for IT decision makers recognizing the growing impact of object storage, […]

How to Generate and Apply SSL Certificates

It’s 2015, which means it’s officially time for your New Year’s resolutions. Given events in 2014, improving security should probably be one of your resolutions. To help you kick-start your security enhancements, this article outlines five steps to generate and apply certificates to your storage clusters. In most cases, a variety of users and applications […]

Swift 2.2.1 Released

Below is an email I sent this morning to the OpenStack mailing list. I’m happy to announce the release of Swift 2.2.1. The work of 28 contributors (including 8 first-time contributors), this release is definitely operator-centric. I recommend that you upgrade; as always you can upgrade to this release with no customer downtime. Get the release: https://launchpad.net/swift/kilo/2.2.1 […]

Ten Things You Need to Know About Object Storage

Let’s face it: the amount of consumer and enterprise data created everyday is unprecedented. As companies search for a way to store, manage and use all of this data, object storage is becoming a notable choice among enterprise IT departments. It’s scalable, cost sensitive and flexible, helping companies to manage this great data influx. With […]

OpenStack Summit Paris: What We Loved & What We Learned

Since I’ve been a part of OpenStack since it was founded, OpenStack summits always make me take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going. The recent summit in Paris was no different.

As a refresher for those of you not familiar with these events, the OpenStack Foundation hosts a summit every six months. It’s an opportunity for the global OpenStack community to get together in person to catch up, share stories and plan for the future. Each summit is actually two events: a conference with presentations and an expo hall, and the design summit for devs to discuss features and set the technical direction of each project.

OpenStack Summit Paris

Who is headed to OpenStack Summit Paris? From November 3-6, our experts and customers will be educating and engaging the audience around the most advanced storage technology on the planet.

As a No. 1 contributor to OpenStack object storage, Swift, SwiftStack will host sessions, including a hands-on Swift deployment workshop. These sessions will provide information on the best practices for developing modern, scalable web applications for Swift, when and where to use Swift, and building storage clusters for top-performance by use case.

Two SwiftStack media customers will be sharing their stories. SwiftStack customer Time Warner Cable—the second largest cable provider in the US—will be giving a keynote speech at the Summit’s commencement. Pac-12 Networks—the leading collegiate athletics broadcast company—will explore how SwiftStack’s object storage allows it to deliver more than 750 live sporting events without skipping a play.

Now Available: Insanely Easy Storage Policies With SwiftStack

The Juno release of OpenStack Swift includes a ground-breaking capability which allows you to tailor your storage infrastructure to exactly match your use case. Storage policies allow deployers to specifically configure their Swift cluster to support the different needs of data stored in the cluster. Storage policies allow you to organize data in your Swift cluster based on…

OpenStackSV: Dress Rehearsal for Paris

It’s certainly been a very interesting year so far for OpenStack and supporting companies. Acquisitions have been a clear sign from enterprise technology leaders that they aren’t messing around. OpenStack is a key part of their strategy and they are taking on the expertise to carry it forward. Congratulations to the companies and their new homes! These moves by leaders like IBM, HP, Cisco, VMware, Oracle, Red Hat—coupled with OpenStack startups rapid growth and funding announcements, are all signs of OpenStack becoming the standard for Cloud.