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Cisco Buys Metacloud: More Validation for Open Source Infrastructure

Congratulations to the team at Metacloud for the deal that was announced this morning to be acquired by Cisco! This deal benefits the industry as a whole and provides a boost to companies that are betting on the proliferation and adoption of open-source infrastructure. What makes Metacloud stand out from all other OpenStack “distros” is that they solve the main problem organizations face when implementing OpenStack—management and operations. This is great validation of the software-defined infrastructure and the power of combining open-source technology with an an innovative management service.

One Day Only! Come Join Us at OpenStack Silicon Valley

Join us this coming Tuesday, September 16th at OpenStack Silicon Valley, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA!

This is a community event, gathering of marquee OpenStack and cloud thought leaders brought together to discuss and debate the latest trends in OpenStack-powered agile infrastructure.

A Nod to the Past; Eyes to the Future

cross-posted from the OpenStack Silicon Valley blog

It’s fitting that the upcoming OpenStack Silicon Valley community event, which we at SwiftStack will be attending, is at the iconic Mountain View Computer History Museum. In the tech world, we typically keep our eyes toward the future. But as we gather next week, we should take a moment to appreciate how innovation has moved our society forward in great leaps and bounds.

Come Hang Out With John Dickinson and Chat Storage Policies in OpenStack Swift 2.0!

Come hang out with John Dickinson and chat storage policies in OpenStack Swift 2.0!

As the project technical lead for OpenStack Swift, John knows the project like the back of his hand. Well, probably better. John led the charge on the July release of OpenStack Swift 2.0 and its storage policies, which he called “the biggest thing to happen in Swift since it was open-sourced four years ago.”

#Cloudstorage #webgems: VMworld and OpenStack Edition!

VMworld is dominating the news cycle this week. The major news hook in this domination has been the budding relationship between OpenStack and VMware. OpenStack is not just an open-sourced platform only revered by its community; it’s now required by enterprises to create the most optimal interface for running applications. OpenStack is no longer a choice, it’s the solution.

VMware is not the only company drinking the Openstack Kool-Aid. Gartner analyst Lydia Leong analyzed the growth of the OpenStack Summit from 2012 to 2014, and perhaps said it best: “OpenStack is truly becoming a business.” While the audience in the first few OpenStack summits was mainly comprised of developers, OpenStack just ushered in the adolescent phase where its summits draw massive vendors and potential customers.

OpenStack Ops Meetup Reflections

Early this week I attended the OpenStack Ops Meetup in San Antonio. These ops meetups are designed to give people running OpenStack services in production a chance to collaborate on best practices and give feedback to the developer community.

I love going to these events. I was there to listen, and I’ve certainly come home knowing more than when I left. The operator community within OpenStack is generally frustrated with installation, migrations and upgrades, and performance at scale within OpenStack as a whole. Specifically, there is a lot of pain around managing the migrations from nova-network in Neutron and with managing Keystone as your cloud deployment gets bigger. These pain points result in a lot of hard work and headache for people running OpenStack in production today, and we must solve these problems in the code.

ROCK the VOTE! Or ‘Basculez Le Vote!’

This year, the OpenStack Summit is in Paris. Our adoration of all things French (fries) is making us even more excited to announce our 39 contending OpenStack Summit sessions. Thirty-freaking-nine … yes, you read that right.

So regardless of whether your architectural jam is the Eiffel Tower or the OpenStack platform, we need you to perform your remarkable civic duty and do what the French worked so hard for—a democratic vote.

Polls close this Wednesday August 6 at 11:59pm CDT. If you’re not already an OpenStack member—stop, collaborate and listen—it’s super simple (and of course free) to sign up and vote.

Thank you for your vote and for giving us your 3-Star “Would Love To See This!” rating for the three dozen + sessions on Swift!

Building Innovative New Features as a Community

After our big OpenStack Swift 2.0 release last week, it’s fun to look back at where we’ve been and how we got here over the past year. The OpenStack Swift contributor community is made up of a lot of people and a lot of companies. SwiftStack is one participant, but storage policies is the result of the entire community—not […]

OpenStack Swift 2.0 Released and Storage Policies Have Arrived

Today I’m happy to announce the release of OpenStack Swift 2.0.0. This release includes storage policies–the culmination of a year of work from many members of the Swift contributor community. Storage policies are the biggest thing to happen in Swift since it was open-sourced four years ago. Storage policies allow you to tailor your storage infrastructure to […]

EBay, Pac-12, and HP Helion Use SwiftStack 2.0

We love our customers. Seeing them move beyond early adoption into full transformation into an object storage platform has been incredible. With our recent launch of SwiftStack 2.0, we’ve received some amazing feedback from customers. From powering some of the most innovative infrastructure strategy in digital media and sports to keeping some of the world’s top […]

Join Us at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York

For three days, cloud experts will unite to discuss how cloud computing continues to evolve at the Cloud Computing Expo 2014. We’re stoked to be a part of the conversation around the future of what powers enterprise IT. Cloud Computing Expo? Tell us more! This year, Cloud Expo is exploring Mobile Apps, Software Defined Data, Cloud […]

OpenStack Swift June Hackathon in Denver

This week about twenty of the top contributors to Swift gathered in Longmont, Colorado to spend a few days hacking on Swift, discussing new features, and talking in person. It was a very productive week, and we are all grateful to Paul Luse at Intel for sponsoring it. We had attendees from SwiftStack, Rackspace, HP, Seagate, eVault, […]