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Learning and Sharing Continue for OpenStack Swift

Even before the launch of the OpenStack Training Marketplace, SwiftStack organized the first 4 workshops in our training series. The goal of these 1-day workshops has been to bring hands-on Swift training to locations where developers, operators, and vendors want to learn more about Swift. The last one we held in San Jose CA on 10/30 […]

Swift Was Hot at OpenStack Summit HK

OpenStack Foundation did a really great job in getting all of the session videos posted very quickly. The Summit last week was the biggest yet for Swift content, and the videos are available to everyone to consume and enjoy, so share them with your friends. Another highlight was the very long line that formed when […]

SwiftStack Big at OpenStack Summit Hong Kong

The full SwiftStack team will be in Hong Kong next week for the OpenStack Summit. Anyone who will also be there must come see us on one of 3 ways. First, SwiftStack friends are invited to a nearby dinner on Tuesday 11/5 with a full bar & great local food from a local chef. Full […]

Swift Hackathon in Austin

Last week many of the major contributors to Swift gathered in Austin, Texas for a few days of design, development, and review. We had a great week (including some fantastic Texas BBQ), and, I think, made some great progress for the project. At the hackathon, we had people from Rackspace, SwiftStack, HP, Intel, Red Hat, […]

OpenStack Object Storage in the Havana Release

Today is the release of OpenStack Havana, and I want to share the exciting things that are going on in OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). You can find the full change log in the source repo of the project. You can download the latest release of Swift athttps://launchpad.net/swift/havana/1.10.0. During the last six months, the Swift community has finished […]

Learning More About OpenStack Object Storage Just Got Easier

Hi, Mario @ SwiftStack here with my first blog post since recently joining SwiftStack. My posts will focus on news, events, and solutions with customers and partners. I’ll try and keep them short, and leave the detailed technical posts that everyone loves to Joe A & John D. Historically, the best way to learn about […]

SwiftStack at the Portland OpenStack Summit

On Monday, the Spring 2013 OpenStack summit is getting started in Portland, Oregon with a sold-out crowd. This year, there is a record attendance of more than 2,500 OpenStack users, developers, vendors and fans. Wow….what a change from the first summit in Austin, June 2010, which had a total of 150-ish attendees. At this summit, […]

OpenStack Swift API Sprint at PyCon

PyCon 2013 just wrapped up, and we had a great time. This was my fifth PyCon to attend, but this year was my first time attending as a sponsor. I’m amazed by the variety of companies supporting the Python community and the range of ideas that the speakers and attendees bring. I didn’t get to […]

Swift for New Contributors

As a developer, jumping into a mature codebase can be somewhat daunting. How is the code structured? What is the request flow? What’s the process for getting my changes contributed upstream? These are great questions, and I’ll answer them all (and more!) in this post. What do I work on? Swift is a mature codebase […]

Come Join the OpenStack Swift API Sprint at PyCon 2013

SwiftStack and Red Hat are sponsoring a sprint at PyCon 2013 at the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA, on Monday, March 18, 2013. This sprint is focused on building and improving applications that use the OpenStack Swift API. This sprint is for anyone who’s has ever wanted or needed to target cloud storage. We’ll have experts on hand and a […]

OpenStack Is Hiring

The OpenStack ecosystem is hiring! Nearly everyone here at the OpenStack Summit in San Diego is building up their teams. The running joke is that there are a lot of people named ‘Hiring’ at this conference. Niki Acosta ran a great panel discussion with John Purrier (AppFog), Gretchen Curtis (Piston Cloud Computing, Mike Metral (Rackspace) and […]

SwiftStack Sessions at the OpenStack Summit

For the upcoming OpenStack Summit in San Diego on October 15-18, the SwiftStack team have been hard at work developing some great content on how to deploy, operate and build applications for OpenStack Swift. To help you in your OpenStack summit planning, here is a schedule and summary of the 6 sessions and workshops that […]