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Gartner on OpenStack Swift

In their September 14, 2012 report on OpenStack, Gartner made a notable observation on OpenStack Swift: After working with many organizations on their Swift deployments and contributing to the development of Swift, we here at SwiftStack couldn’t agree more as this statement nails some of the key characteristics of Swift and reflects our experience helping […]

SwiftStack Welcomes John Dickinson

I’d like to welcome John Dickinson to the SwiftStack team! For the past 3 years, John has been at Rackspace working on the team responsible for Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack Swift, the large-scale distributed object storage system which SwiftStack is built on. As the Project Technical Lead (PTL) for OpenStack Swift, John is also leading much […]

Video: OpenStack Conference Spring 2012, Rolling Out a Private OpenStack Swift Cluster

The videos from the spring OpenStack conference are up! This is the presentation I did on rolling-out OpenStack Swift. Synopsis below. Seven Steps to Roll Out a Private OpenStack Swift Cluster from OpenStack on Vimeo.   OpenStack Conference Spring 2012 Rolling Out a Private OpenStack Swift Cluster Speaker: Joe Arnold, Founder & CEO, SwiftStack The OpenStack Object Storage system, […]

SwiftStack Is Bringing It at the 2012 OpenStack Design Summit and Conference

Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that this year’s OpenStack Design Summit was months away. Now it’s nearly here! Hope you got a ticket, because the Design Summit portion is sold out. SwiftStack is glad to announce that we will be presenting three sessions at the Summit […]

PyCon 2012 Review: My Favorite Talks

PyCon 2012 has come and gone. It was a great conference, and I’m glad I attended. As we mentioned in a previous post, SwiftStack was part of Startup Row, along with some other very intriguing nascent companies. Being on the Row was a useful way to reach out to people, though I wish that more […]

SwiftStack Selected as a Startup Row Winner for PyCon 2012

We’re excited to be selected as a Startup Row winner for PyCon 2012. It’s an honor to be selected from the many python-using startups out there. Check out the other PyCon Startup Row winners as well. Some interesting companies in the mix! Be sure to stop by Startup Row at PyCon on Friday, March 9th in Santa […]

The Inaugural San Francisco Python Hack Night

Last night, the team at SwiftStack hosted the very first San Francisco Python Hack Night. I met some great people and really enjoyed myself as our forty-odd attendees ate, drank, chattered, bickered, and hacked their way through the evening. What an amazing way to get introduced to the Python community! I’m already looking forward to the […]

Lessons Learned From First OpenStack Launch @ OpenCloudWeekend

I had the opportunity to share experiences about the first commercial deployment of OpenStack at the OpenCloudWeekend event at the Cloud Center. Take a look!   Many thanks to Dave Nielsen putting on a great event and for recording and uploading the sessions. Also, as part of that event, we were able to run a sessionSwift Install Workshop. […]

An Evening of Swift

Earlier this month, we had great turnout for an OpenStack meetup in the San Francisco bay area focusing on Swift. Many thanks to Dave Neilson who helped organize the event and to Nebula who sponsored food & drinks. In one night we had a 2-hour Swift install training workshop, and had 3 speakers giving their […]

SwiftStack @ OpenCloudWeekend

We had a great time with everyone getting Swift up and running. We’ll be sure to schedule more sessions as there was a lot of interest.

OpenStack Summit: Swift in the Small

It was great to have the opportunity to present at the OpenStack Conference. This time, I got the opportunity to present, ‘Swift in the Small’. Here is the presentation from the talk. We’re looking forward to the next Design Summit / Conference.