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Cisco Live 2019: Maximizing the Value of Data for Cisco Customers

While Marc Andreessen’s famous declaration from 2011, “software is eating the world”, certainly holds true today, a further enhancement is necessary: “yes, but it’s data that is changing the world”. This is evident in every aspect of our business and personal lives as data reshapes industries from medicine to retail to transportation to public safety. […]

Splunk Enterprise 7.3 takes SmartStore to a new level

With the release of Splunk Enterprise 7.3, Splunk’s data optimization feature, SmartStore, can now deliver infrastructure efficiencies and cost savings to Splunk environments which utilize Splunk Premium Solutions, most notably, Splunk Enterprise Security (ES). SwiftStack participated in the early testing program for Splunk Enterprise 7.3 and found the release to be both robust and high-performing. […]