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Use Aspera with SwiftStack in 3 Easy Steps

Using Aspera with SwiftStack private cloud object storage unlocks numerous possibilities, including architectures that are not possible with traditional NAS/SAN storage.  These advantages include: Integrated disaster-recovery: multi-region functionality can write to 2+ physical locations simultaneously and transparently fail-over Resilient: read from and write to storage despite poor network conditions Ultimate DMZ: immune to ransomware; fully […]

Introducing “Works with SwiftStack” and the SwiftStack Technology Partner Program

Since I joined SwiftStack almost five years ago, my team and I have been working tirelessly to identify, verify, document, and demonstrate software applications that have been created or modernized to work with private and public cloud storage platforms like SwiftStack via Amazon’s popular S3 API or the open-standard OpenStack Swift API. Some of the […]

An Architecture Blueprint for Splunk Enterprise with SmartStore

Based on the availability of SmartStore, Splunk’s optimized data management model in Splunk Enterprise 7.2 and Splunk Enterprise 7.3, Cisco and SwiftStack embarked on an effort to create a reference stack for the compute, storage, and networking infrastructure required to run Splunk at scale. The resulting document, a Cisco Validated Design (or “CVD”), is a […]

Do I need All-Flash Storage for AI/DL? – Part 2

Architecting large-scale Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning data pipelines In part 1 of this series https://bit.ly/2Taw9WH we discussed how Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning applications and workflows are inherently different from traditional file-based applications. In this post we will examine what alternatives are available to customers, and why SwiftStack is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements. Is the current […]

Do I need All-Flash Storage for AI/DL? – Part 1

Architecting large-scale Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning data pipelines Businesses adopting AI/DL data pipelines for Computer vision, Natural language processing / understanding (NLP /NLU), Anomaly detection, often ask me how to best architect these environments. To answer this, let’s analyze these use cases, and their requirements. Deep learning applications are inherently different from traditional applications The accelerated […]

Options for Simplified Testing of S3-compatible Object Storage

It has not always been easy to test for compatibility with object storage systems during application development or workflow design. From an accessibility standpoint, one of object storage’s big advantages is that it is API-driven over HTTPS, making it possible to be accessed  from anywhere, but this is sometimes not an option if the storage […]

Esports is changing the game in entertainment

When I started working in IT more than ten years ago, I never imagined I’d see the kinds of platforms used today to deliver media content. One of the most exciting, transformative and fastest growing categories in entertainment now is esports. SwiftStack serves several esports customers. These companies are typically video game developers whose titles […]

How I Used pico swiftstack to Test TensorFlow with S3 Storage

A few weeks ago, I put together a tutorial on how to get S3 data into TensorFlow and I used pico swiftstack as an example data source. This article goes into a little more detail about what pico swiftstack is and how I used it to quickly test the S3 API. First off, pico swiftstack […]

Why I Joined SwiftStack

Background Filing cabinets filled with custom laser-cut foam and ~600 loose hard drives, DiskCatalogMaker, and BlacX docks — this ’shared storage’ and archive strategy was my introduction to petabyte-scale problems in the media industry.  But let me back up. In late 2012, I joined an early-stage but now prominent post-production and distribution facility near Hollywood.  […]

Tutorial: Loading Data into TensorFlow via S3 API

Github Gist/Google Colab Link When I was looking for code examples of loading data into TensorFlow via the S3 API, the results were pretty sparse (with lots of questions about various error messages).  I thought to myself, “someone should really write a tutorial on using S3 data in TensorFlow!” Then, I realized that someone was […]

Multi-Cloud Data Lakes – Evolving from Descriptive to Predictive to Cognitive Analytics

SwiftStack Announces Data Analytics Solution with 10x Performance and Massive Scale Digital transformation and IoT related use cases are forcing analytics to move from a batch descriptive mode to actionable predictive and prescriptive mode. Additionally technology advances with accelerated compute, availability of lots of data and open sourcing of deep learning frameworks, is leading to […]

Cisco Live 2019: Maximizing the Value of Data for Cisco Customers

While Marc Andreessen’s famous declaration from 2011, “software is eating the world”, certainly holds true today, a further enhancement is necessary: “yes, but it’s data that is changing the world”. This is evident in every aspect of our business and personal lives as data reshapes industries from medicine to retail to transportation to public safety. […]