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Two Datacenters for the Price of One

Two weeks ago, I showed how customers can get nearly 3x the capacity with SwiftStack Object Storage for the same price as a 100TB usable scale-out NAS solution. I received a bunch of great questions and a theme emerged — customers are asking what the value profile looks like for a multi-site deployment. So, I […]

OpenStack Swift Hackathon – August 2015

Swift developers work for different companies and live all over the world. Every so often, we get together for a few days of design, coding, and fun. Last week IBM hosted our hackathon in Austin, Texas. We had 27 people from 9 different companies (and 5 countries) attend. We’re contributors to a common project, but […]

Show Me the Numbers!

Object storage vendors are all saying they can save you 80% vs traditional storage. But do any of them show you the real numbers? Not really. That’s why I wrote this post — to discuss the actual savings potential with object storage. Sources of Savings Object storage definitely provides a significant reduction in total cost […]

When Trove Meets Swift

This post was written by Tesora CEO, Ken Rugg It’s no secret that data in the enterprise is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Whether this is coming from logging data from enterprise business applications and other computer systems, tracking human and machine interactions, information mined from the internet or more recently the influx of sensor […]

Five Years of Swift

Five years ago, I was on a development team at Rackspace, and we had just finished creating a storage engine we called Swift. We had just put it into production, and the plans were in motion to open source it as one of the two founding projects in OpenStack. A lot has happened since then, […]

Storing Sports Footage Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

SwiftStack is helping sports video professionals realize the power of active archive. Our recent sponsorship of the Sports Video Group is a step forward in bringing SwiftStack’s new breed of object storage to the Media and Entertainment industry. SwiftStack’s solution is powered by OpenStack Swift, offering a unique controller and freedom of choice for genuine […]

Cast Your Vote! OpenStack Tokyo Summit 2015 Presentations on Swift

Do you want a say in which presentations you’ll see at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo? Don’t wait! Cast your vote today for these Swift-oriented sessions. Community voting ends July 30th at 11:59 PM PT. Only a handful of these presentations can make the cut, so voting is a must for all who look forward […]

NoSQL is No Problem With the Right Backup

Well, I say “no problem” in the context of my past life as an IT guy. Any issue with a database has never been operator error, but rather the finger has always pointed to infrastructure as the problem.  Naturally, garbage in can cause a problem, and no matter the root cause, reliable backup and recovery […]

A Private Cloud for Academics and Researchers

A storage cloud without boundaries is the backbone of groundbreaking research. One of our goals at SwiftStack is to make sure data limits never impede innovation and discovery. So when the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) was looking for a reliable and flexible solution for their data growth needs, they turned to SwiftStack. As […]

Often times, Boring is Better

Like any utility that we have become accustomed to, we expect it be “always on”. Just look at the frustration that occurs today when someone is not getting 4G data on their mobile phone. It’s ironic that the gold-standard analogy for a utility had been the reliable dial tone after picking up a landline telephone […]

Infrastructure Doesn’t Need to be a Pain

In a previous post I took a selfish opportunity to release some personal emotion specific to the way storage growth is often characterized in the data center. That felt great! So, it got me thinking of another pent-up discomfort I have stemming from another mischaracterization that is unnecessarily applied to IT infrastructure. CIOs don’t need […]

If You Love Backup, Don’t Hate Object

*This piece was originally published by Data Center Knowledge on July 7th, 2015 Love, like beauty, is most often in the eye of the beholder. Backup is about as low as it gets on the glamor scale in IT architecture and operations. Most take backup for granted.  For the few who are responsible for recovering from […]