Open Positions

SwiftStack Culture

SwiftStack is an innovator in private cloud storage for today’s applications. We founded the company in 2011 to help operations teams implement and manage an easy-to-use, multi-tenant, and highly scalable private cloud storage platform.

SwiftStack is a small group of friendly folks doing important, interesting work. Does that sound interesting to you? Click the links above to apply!

At SwiftStack we believe in a work life that is both engaging and balanced.

Our location in Downtown San Francisco puts us in close proximity to a high concentration of meetups and other industry events as well as restaurants, bars, and cafes.

We give talks, workshops, and tutorials on OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack at conferences and events around the world.

As part of the greater OpenStack ecosystem we contribute to an Open Source codebase that is already changing the world. Open Source is at the core of what we do.

We’re a small company disrupting an immense market. We’re building systems that people need to harness the rising tide of data.

Engineering Puzzles

A Life Of Bemusement

During the course of our work we run into all kinds of puzzling challenges. Fortunately we identify as "problem-solvers". Do you? Here are some puzzles that we think are interesting in what we think is increasing order of difficulty. Solve one! Solve them all!

Send your solution to and if we like it we'll ply you with plaudits. Send us a particularly notable solution and we may even send you something from the murky depths of Darrell's desk drawer as a prize! A PRIZE!

Puzzle #1
Logging's A Blast!

Face it—log processing is a riot. Everyone wants the log processing jobs because everyone knows that log processing is the most fun you can have outside of a glass of white wine and a bubble bath.

Everyone, that is, except for Janet.

Please help Janet get her groove back.

Puzzle #2
It's a Python Party!

John Partyson is the CEO at PartyCo and he wants to celebrate a record-breaking year with a company party. Not just any company party, though:

the best company party possible, as benefits a company called PartyCo.

Can you help Mr. Partyson maximize his Party Potential?

Puzzle #3
I Love A Parade

Every year on the planet Boron, all the nations of the world meet at Le Grand Faire. Participating nations send full delegations and floats to appear in the Great Parade; an event that the people watch with rapt attention and delight across the globe. Such an event cannot be without politics. Discerning nations have strong opinions regarding where their float should be in the parade.

Can you ensure world peace by ordering the parade at Le Grand Faire?