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Cloud 9 Software, Inc.

Scale-out storage for their orthodontics and pedodontics practice management SaaS applications—storing data for imaging, electronic claims, electronic statements, auto pay/auto post, and more.

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Life Sciences

Leading SaaS Provider Leverages SwiftStack to Consolidate NAS based Silos for Simpler, More Cost-Efficient Data Management


Cloud 9 Software, Inc.’s product lines have evolved over the years, requiring a similar evolution to the company’s supporting infrastructure. While certain SaaS services were bolstered with high availability solutions, network attached storage (NAS) silos remained. As the company and its offerings continue to expand, Cloud 9 Software, Inc. IT is constantly looking ahead to find solutions that are truly scalable for large and fast-growing data sets. This infrastructure upgrade with SwiftStack safely prepares Cloud 9 Software, Inc. for the enormous growth expected over the next few years.

“As a young company, we were fiscally responsible and started with NAS,” said Michael Holmes, Director of IT for Cloud 9 Software, Inc.. “While it provided us with decent storage, some scalability, and enabled us to get off the ground, we knew the time would come to scale large. Our transition to SwiftStack will help us continue to offer a best-in-class platform while providing unmatched service and reliability to our customers.”

Every company faces data management challenges and understanding that there were options available to proactively improve their SaaS business model, Holmes and his engineering team sought out to findthe best long-term solution. After diligent research, the Cloud 9 Software, Inc. team decided that a storage infrastructure powered by SwiftStack software was “the right thing to do.”


SwiftStack is a distributed storage system that independently scales access and capacity to store unstructured data today and tomorrow. The storage system allows the growth of capacity and performance on-premises with the addition of standard server hardware depending on what applications need. There is no advanced configuration required. With only a few simple steps, software can be installed on a new node and deployed in the cluster. Load balancing capabilities are fully integrated, allowing applications to automatically take advantage of the full bandwidth of the distributed cluster.

SwiftStack is designed to withstand hardware failures while data remains accessible, even in the case of major disasters. This is possible because nodes of the cluster can be globally distributed, and data in the single namespace can include capacity in public cloud buckets. “Transitioning to an enterprise storage platform is the right thing to do. Avoiding hardware failures or extended service outages is well worth the investment for our customers’ peace of mind.” said Holmes. “In today’s technology climate, mission critical storage systems must go beyond drive failures and must be resilient to multiple server failures. We get that with SwiftStack.” Cloud9 will complete its consolidation to a single SwiftStack cluster in the second quarter of 2018. Once consolidated, SwiftStack will be managing business-critical unstructured data sets that are written and automatically replicated, helping the Cloud 9 Software, Inc. IT team cut down on unwieldy backup windows and enable anytime maintenance without affecting system performance.

As it continues to expand the reach of its SaaS-based offerings to other healthcare markets, the opportunity of further modernization for Cloud 9 Software, Inc. is extending its service across both private and public infrastructure. Cloud 9 Software, Inc. has plans to use Amazon S3 to further increase data durability and availability. SwiftStack Cloud Sync will extend the single storage namespace across Cloud 9 Software, Inc.’s datacenter and Amazon Web Services, allowing data to be placed via policy without any additional products or complexity.


Consolidated 12 NAS servers to single SwiftStack cluster, Cut down on unwieldy backup windows, Eliminate downtime with high availability, Daytime maintenance without service impact is now possible, Extend private infrastructure to public infrastructure

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“SwiftStack provides our business with an array of solutions to storage challenges, which helps me sleep a lot better at night. And I value that we can do server maintenance during the day without customer impact.”

Michael Holmes
Director of IT
  • Simplified storage platform management
  • Entered the enterprise data-scale arena
  • Eliminated potential extended downtime due to server failure
  • Minimized support costs associated with outages
  • Extended data to AWS based on policy without need for additional products or complexity


Case Study | Cloud 9 Software, Inc.

Case Study

Cloud 9 Software, Inc.

  • DC BLOX | Enterprise

    “Re-purposing existing servers…allowed us to save because we didn't have to buy new hardware for one of our initial deployments. The technical support is good. I would rate it as a nine out of ten.”

    Chris Gatch,

  • Premiere Digital | Media & Entertainment

    “It's one less thing I have to stress about because it's extremely solid, easy to use for the entire team, and the performance is outstanding.”

    Vince Auletta,
    Director of Technology

  • Cloud 9 Software, Inc. | Life Sciences

    “SwiftStack provides our business with an array of solutions to storage challenges, which helps me sleep a lot better at night. And I value that we can do server maintenance during the day without customer impact.”

    Michael Holmes,
    Director of IT

  • Burton Snowboards | Backup

    “SwiftStack cut our storage management overhead for backup by over 90%...the entire process took only an hour and a half."

    Jim Merritt,
    Senior Systems Administrator, Burton Snowboards

  • Counsyl | Life Sciences

    “SwiftStack is a “single source of truth” for our data. Our infrastructure team can manage data placement based on policies to optimize workflows without application developers or researchers even knowing changes have occurred.”

    Jeffrey Tratner,
    Technical Lead, Scientific Computing at Counsyl

DC BLOX Premiere Digital Cloud 9 Software, Inc. Burton Snowboards Counsyl