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Tutorial: Loading Data into TensorFlow via S3 API

What we’re going to do is load some data from an S3 API data source, preprocess it into a format usable for training, and review the data we have loaded.

Developer Guide

The SwiftStack developer guide provides an overview on building an application using SwiftStack. Be guided through an example applications on the AWS S3 / Swift API and metadata search.

SwiftStack Documentation

The SwiftStack documentation is a great resource to learn more about how deploy, scale and operate a SwiftStack cluster. The SwiftStack documentation also covers configuring multi-cloud data management, file access and metadata management.


pico swiftstack is running the same version of Swift, S3 API and authentication found in the commercial distribution of SwiftStack. This Docker container is designed for developers working on integration / testing with AWS S3 or Swift APIs. pico swiftstack may also be used when integrating with a CI/CD system.

ProxyFS Filesystem

ProxyFS powers SwiftStack File Access. ProxyFS is a multi-cloud filesystem that uses capacity of cloud object storage for a filesystem.

OpenStack Swift Object Storage

Swift Object Storage is a core component of the SwiftStack architecture. It is a widely-used and popular object storage system provided under the Apache 2 open source license.

SwiftStack Client

The supported GUI client for SwiftStack. For Windows, macOS and Linux. The SwiftStack client enables end users to manage their data and perform metadata search operations to find their data.

Avid Media Archive

Example tools for archiving assets from Avid Media Archive to SwiftStack.

Metadata Map Search

Simple web page that showcases how to use the Google maps API to search for images using SwiftStack metadata indexing functions.

Swift Object Middleware Example

SwiftStack supports the integration of custom middleware. FooAppender is an example middleware to use as a launching point for other custom middleware development.


Dive deep into the multi-region architecture that powers the SwiftStack Core Object Storage platform.

ProxyFS Architecture

Dive deep into the architecture behind SwiftStack File Access.

SwiftStack Utilization API Tools

Tools for working with the SwiftStack API, such as gathering utilization statistics and generating a list of active accounts in a SwiftStack cluster.


Code examples to utilize the Swift Object API, using the Apple Swift programming language.

SwiftStack Client Custom Metadata Search Plugin

The SwiftStack Client natively supports metadata search. However, some workflows want to make custom search tools for their users. This plug-in enables custom search boxes, query validation and query generation to be embedded in the SwiftStack Client.

Vagrant Swift-all-in-one

For application developers who utilize Vagrant for their development workflows. This tool provides an easy method to bring up a Swift development/testing target.