Developer and Devops Resources


Tutorial: Loading Data into TensorFlow via S3 API

What we’re going to do is load some data from an S3 API data source, preprocess it into a format usable for training, and review the data we have loaded.

Developer Guide

The SwiftStack developer guide provides an overview on building an application using SwiftStack. Be guided through an example applications on the AWS S3 / Swift API and metadata search.


pico swiftstack is running the same version of Swift, S3 API and authentication found in the commercial distribution of SwiftStack. This Docker container is designed for developers working on integration / testing with AWS S3 or Swift APIs. pico swiftstack may also be used when integrating with a CI/CD system.


Code examples to utilize the Swift Object API, using the Apple Swift programming language.

Vagrant Swift-all-in-one

For application developers who utilize Vagrant for their development workflows. This tool provides an easy method to bring up a Swift development/testing target.