SwiftStack Client

While applications can put and get objects into SwiftStack using object APIs, end users also need to access petabyte scale storage.The all-new SwiftStack Client provides simplified access to containers/buckets on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


macOS (64-bit)

Windows (64-bit)

RHEL/CentOS (64-bit)

Ubuntu (64-bit)

Watch Joe Arnold, founder and Chief Product Officer, demonstrate the ease of managing and sharing data using the SwiftStack Client.

pico swiftstack

pico swiftstack is running the same object storage runtime stack found in the commercial distribution of SwiftStack. This Docker container is designed for developers working on integration / testing with AWS S3 or Swift APIs. pico swiftstack may also be used when integrating with a CI/CD system.

pico swiftstack on Docker Hub

SwiftStack Test Drive

In just a few easy steps, you can test drive SwiftStack for free in your own environment. All you need is an Internet connection and a single device running Linux.

SwiftStack Controller

To download the latest SwiftStack Controller software appliance.