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SwiftStack Announces Erasure Codes; Expands Data Protection Choice in Leading Object Storage System

SwiftStack Customers Now Choose the Optimal balance of Capacity and Protection based on What is Best for Their Applications.
San Francisco, CA – May 5, 2015 — SwiftStack, the leader in object storage for enterprises, today announced its release of Erasure Codes. SwiftStack Erasure Codes give customers flexible options for protecting their data, which lowers overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Now, customers can choose the optimal balance of capacity and data protection based on what best meets their application requirements.

“As data grows exponentially, enterprises need agile storage systems that are easy to manage and tune based on their application requirements,” said Joe Arnold, President and Chief Product Officer of SwiftStack. “Now, with the release of Erasure Codes in the SwiftStack Object Storage System, customers have the choice to select both performance-optimized and capacity-optimized storage tiers in the same cluster, and under a unified namespace. Coupled with the ability to add capacity based on how much they need, when they need it lowers overall TCO while improving data protection.”

SwiftStack customers can now choose between Erasure Codes and Replication for the storage policy that best fits the needs of their applications. As storage and applications grow, the ability to choose how data is protected and stored is vital to remain competitive. SwiftStack is focused on simplifying unstructured storage management as a best-of-breed object storage solution so that enterprise customers can expand the capacity they need, when they need it, and optimize for the application. The traditional one-size-fits-all approach no longer works in today’s world.

With the OpenStack Swift object storage engine at its core, SwiftStack now provides enterprises with choice in their data protection strategy. SwiftStack’s object storage platform delivers a massively scalable private cloud to meet the demands of enterprises across multiple industry sectors. The SwiftStack product offers seamless integration with existing enterprise systems
and infrastructure while delivering scalable, resilient and efficient storage.

Erasure Codes in SwiftStack are available now in beta.