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SwiftStack Collaborates with Seagate on Kinetic Open Storage Platform

Private cloud storage technology aligns with device-based storage platform to optimize scale-out object storage

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 22, 2013SwiftStack, a technology innovator of private cloud storage for modern applications, today announced its collaboration with Seagate Technology, a world leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, on the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform. Kinetic devices communicate directly with applications, shifting management and operations to the storage device itself. Together, SwiftStack and Seagate Kinetic will help streamline the delivery of private cloud stor age by eliminating an entire storage server tier, lowering both data center capital and operational expenses.

"To deliver scale-out storage and the explosion of data, we need to fundamentally re-think the storage stack. The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage pl atform is the result of this redefinition, and we are excited to help enable an ecosystem that can deliver unprecedented TCO, performance and scaling value," said Ali Fenn, senior director of advanced storage PLM at Seagate. "SwiftStack is a leader in inno vation in open, storage software solutions and we are very excited to team up with them to deliver this vital leap forward in storage infrastructure."

Optimized for scale-out storage

The Seagate Kinetic open storage platform include the first storage device optimized for key/value storage. Kinetic enables developers, deployers, and providers of cloud storage to optimize scale-out object-based storage, lowering the total cost of ownership for these systems. It streamlines the storage architecture by e liminating an entire storage server tier, simplifying the hardware deployment of a scale-out storage system.

Traditional storage systems were not designed to keep up with today’s rapid growth of unstructured data. The Kinetic platform includes a new class of Key Value API s olid state and hard disk drives, which communicate over Ethernet rather than traditional drive interfaces that must be attached to a storage server. With application services and an Ethernet interface built-in to the drives, data is just an IP address away. This architectural redefinition enables more scalable and efficient storage systems with improved cluster management and data replication across multiple data centers.

Ideal for software-defined storage

The need for lower-cost scalable storage accessible over HTTP is driving interest and adoption of software-defined object storage like OpenStack Object Storage (code named Swift). OpenStack Swift is the engine that powers many of the world’s largest storage clouds, and customers are actively seeking new ways to keep up with the growth of unstructured data. SwiftStack is an active member of the Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance program, and has implemen ted Kinetic drives so that they will be supported by OpenStack Swift.

These development contributions will be available to the open source community to benefit new deployments and expand today’s implementations. Additionally, SwiftStack private cloud stor age customers will be able to discover, provision, and manage Kinetic devices as part of their storage clusters. A Kinetic drive becomes a new unit of measure in cloud storage, serving as a storage node itself in a SwiftStack cluster. This breakthrough red uces a tier of node hardware and creates an opportunity for efficiency and density not possible with traditional architectures.

“Consumption of unstructured data by users continues to grow exponentially, fueling the need for enterprises and cloud providers to look at new storage architectures with improved cost, flexibility, and scale.” said Joe Arnold, CEO of SwiftStack. “Understa nding the clear benefits that Kinetic technology can provide to customers of our software- defined storage, SwiftStack is excited to work on this project with Seagate, and we look forward to the new levels of efficiency in this scale-out architecture that will reduce overall costs for our customers.”

A leap forward in scale-out storage architecture

With growing interest and adoption of open source technologies, like OpenStack Object Storage, Seagate is proving its position at the forefront of storage innovation. A webinar will be led by James Hughes, managing principal technologist at Seagate and Joe Arnold, CEO at SwiftStack, along with other storage experts from both companies to discuss insights and opportunities enabled by the Kinetic Open Storage Platform.

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