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SwiftStack Object Storage certified for use with Veritas NetBackup

San Francisco - April 19, 2016 - SwiftStack, the leader in a new breed of object storage for enterprise, today announced that SwiftStack Object Storage software is fully certified for use with Veritas NetBackup backup and recovery platform. This allows NetBackup users to leverage the scalability, ease of use, and cost savings that software-defined object storage provides.

SwiftStack Object Storage is now listed on the Veritas NetBackup Hardware Compatibility List. Using the NetBackup S3 Cloud connector in NetBackup 7.7.1 and later, customers can select SwiftStack Object Storage as a cloud provider, allowing backup data to be written and retrieved from SwiftStack.

“Veritas NetBackup 7.7 was enhanced with powerful new capabilities that greatly expand the effectiveness of backup and recovery operations that utilize cloud storage services, increasing performance by up to thirty times” says Joe Disher, Director, Product Marketing, Backup & Recovery, Veritas Technologies. “The new cloud connector introduced in NetBackup 7.7 designed on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) expands choice for customer environments with hybrid cloud and object storage on-premises.”

By using SwiftStack for backup and recovery applications, Enterprises benefit from:

  • Unsurpassed scalability - SwiftStack Object Storage scales to a nearly unlimited level of capacity and parallel I/O performance. This eliminates storage silos by providing all media servers access to a common pool of private cloud storage.
  • Automatic offsite protection - Nodes in a SwiftStack cluster can be geographically distributed, allowing backup data to be automatically replicated offsite for protection against a major disaster. With SwiftStack, there’s no need to have a cold tier of disk or tape storage off site that has to independently be managed.
  • Architecturally superior TCO - SwiftStack software runs on cost-efficient hardware infrastructure based on standard servers, Ethernet-based networking, and affordable disk drives rather than on more expensive proprietary solutions. This dramatically drives out cost of the overall solution, allowing users to protect more vital business data, all within budget.

“When used as storage for backup applications, SwiftStack offers an architecture that is both more capable and lower cost compared to other on-premises storage options or public cloud storage,” said Joe Arnold, President and Chief Product Officer, SwiftStack. “We are excited to see so many software vendors supporting the S3 and Swift API so that their customers can take advantage of a new breed of backup storage with built-in offsite data protection.”

To learn more about SwiftStack’s advantages in backup, archiving, and recovery, please read this white paper.