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SwiftStack’s New Breed of Object Storage Delivers Breakthrough Advancements to Meet Growing Demands in Media Creation and Delivery Workflow

New Storage Architecture Unlocks Opportunities for Media and Entertainment Industry Not Possible Using Traditional Storage Technologies

SAN FRANCISCO – July 28, 2015 — SwiftStack, the leader in a new breed of object storage for Enterprises, today announced that top media and entertainment organizations and technology tool providers now are unlocking incremental value by using SwiftStack object storage in media production workflows. When used with SwiftStack, media asset management (MAM) solutions offer new levels of access and protection for improved productivity. Using SwiftStack, media producers also achieve predictive and affordable cost at scale without the need for additional expertise, enabling them to focus on the creativity that makes them unique.

“The media and entertainment industry is increasingly collaborative, and as a result media producers require storage that is more accessible throughout their production ecosystem and more compatible with the applications and tool-sets they use,” said Joe Arnold, President and Chief Product Officer, SwiftStack. “SwiftStack is a new breed of object storage designed to give media producers the scale and offsite protection of cloud with the performance and reliability of private storage, in a package that does not require storage experts.”

Vizrt, a prominent provider of content production, management and distribution tools for the digital media industry, is among the solution providers that are realizing benefits from using a SwiftStack-enabled architecture.

“The Vizrt partnership with SwiftStack is about providing the new breed of private cloud and object storage to our MAM platform customers,” said Francois Laborie, Vizrt’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Beyond basic toolset integration, we see strategic collaborative opportunities that enable new workflows and architectures using SwiftStack’s intelligent and expandable storage capabilities in conjunction with Viz One’s deep asset management feature set.”

SwiftStack empowers accelerated post-production and delivery operations where storage has become a bottleneck. Without changing their preferred software tools or applications, SwiftStack Object Storage enables media creators and producers with greater performance, scale and accessibility not available using traditional disk storage or tape media. Key SwiftStack Object Storage advantages include:

  • Improved Productivity – Editors and users can get to work faster by accelerating footage ingestion in parallel across the unified storage pool. During media delivery, SwiftStack Object Storage is also much more efficient, with far less infrastructure required.
  • Unlimited Access – The SwiftStack architecture excels among object storage platforms at storing massive volumes of layered assets in an active archive, where file-based workflows can often break. This means studios and distribution networks can scale-out access independently and on the fly.
  • Distributed Protection – Built-in redundancy protects valued media assets with cloud durability. Data can also be geographically distributed across multiple sites so assets are closer to the user for improved user experience and offsite protection.
  • Simplified Management – SwiftStack’s unique Controller automates the management activities that can consume time and expertise so studio technical staff is free to focus on more strategic processes. Intuitive management requires no storage expertise.
  • Freedom of Choice for Lower TCO – SwiftStack is delivered using cost-efficient standard hardware and open software, without being constrained by vendor lock-in. This means that proprietary hardware is never required, which results in the lowest acquisition cost and a low, predictable operating cost as storage grows.

SwiftStack Object Storage is actively in use by a number of animators, post-production houses, media content distribution and delivery networks, broadcasters and Media SaaS providers. Among them is live sports broadcaster Pac-12 Networks.

“During our busy season alone, our storage nodes accumulate 12TBs of data per weekend. We needed a storage and archive platform that enables us to scale linearly and infinitely while simplifying how we manage our data,” said Scott Adametz, Director, System Architecture & Technology at Pac-12 Networks. “With SwiftStack, we’re able to seamlessly deliver hours of rich media content without interruption and scale as our content grows. With the help of SwiftStack I had my architecture running in five minutes, allowing my team to focus on increasing the program count each year, while completely trusting our back-end storage platform.”

SwiftStack will be showcasing its object storage solution for the media and entertainment industry during the Conference: Sports Asset Management & Storage on July 29, 2015 at the New York Hilton.

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